Innovations in Bike Parking Encourage More Cyclists

More people on bikes is a good thing, right? Well, bike advocates know that certain key pieces are particularly effective in encouraging more people to take up cycling. In addition to educational programs for cyclists and drivers alike and installing more bike lanes, secure bicycle parking is an important element to offer the cyclist peace of mind and encourage more frequent biking. Recent innovations in secure bicycle parking options are helping drive forward this movement towards healthy, sustainable communities.

CycleSafe ProPark Bike Locker at the Santa-Fe RailBicycle lockers provide the highest level of security, protecting bikes against theft and the elements while also providing a convenient place to storing cyclists’ gear. Bicycle lockers can be rented or else assigned in advance and provided on an ongoing basis, which is particularly handy for promoting regular bike commuting.

Each bike locker occupies a space of about 42″ x 78″ which can be reduced with modular stacking units. Bicycle lockers are designed to fit one or two bikes per door, with options for one sided or two sided access. Access aisles need to accommodate the cyclist and door opening; six foot aisle width is recommended. Bicycle locker material and locks are crucial to dependability, high security locks and compression molded composite (SMC) is recommended over fiberglass or metal lockers for lower maintenance and durability. CycleSafe bicycle lockers can be furnished with side display panels for wayfinding, marketing or revenue generation and storage bins for cyclist gear.

For further information on developing a bike parking program, refer to the guide Planning Bike Parking Facilities.

Bike rooms are becoming increasingly popular for indoor storage in parking garages or unused building spaces. These can include vertical bike parking for space efficiency or high density racks to maximize available space to store more bikes. For examples of bike room layouts, refer to CycleSafe’s Bike Room Layout guide for ideas.

Bike Corral in Grand Rapids, MichiganMany store owners like to see cyclists, since a whole bunch of bikes can fit in just one car space, dramatically increasing foot traffic in commercial zones. New trends in cycle parking take advantage of this, using Bike Corrals or Bike Stalls to transform sidewalks or on-street car parking into bike parking spaces. These corrals or bike stalls can be installed permanently or mounted on channel rails that allow removal during the off-season.

Bike shelters provide covered bike parking to meet the needs of on-demand, mid-level security combined with bicycle racks. Side and back panels can be specified for further protection or to include promotional graphics or wayfinding messages. Bike shelters are a good solution for short term use, can provide some weather protection and offer a higher visibility for storing and organizing bikes.

Vintage Bike RackBike racks are the most common bike parking device and many people utilize them for short-term bike parking. Naturally, there are many kinds to choose from, but for greater security when using a bike rack, chose one that secures both the bike frame and wheel . The classic U Rack is most recommended with a crossbar to eliminate the ability to force the bike to the ground and remove with a pipe cutter.

If you are selecting a bike rack for installation at your place of business, one manufactured with heavy-duty tubing (not pipe) is preferred for durability, as is one utilizing a high quality finish such as a rubberized Plastisol coating or TGIC powder coat. The classic U Rack is widely regarded as the standard for space efficiency and bicycle protection.

Bike Room Layout

Bike Room Wall RackA bike room in an office building, parking garage, apartment complex or college dormitory is a great way to add secure indoor bicycle storage. The right bike room layout can ensure bike parking is easy, safe, and secure.

Bike Room Design Guidelines


  • Locate the bike room near an exit and avoid stairs or narrow hallways.
  • Avoid layout obstructions such as pillars, doors, windows, utility access, and ceiling pipes.
  • Locate the bike room near a floor drain for drainage.
  • If the site is a large open space, like a parking garage or warehouse, consider building a smaller bike room, or bike lockers may be a better option.
  • Provide both horizontal and vertical bike parking for maximum space efficiency and to accommodate different styles of bikes.


  • The minimum recommended aisle width is 54 inches (4 feet, 6 inches). This provides enough space for one person to walk one bike.
  • To accommodate simultaneous users, the recommended minimum aisle width is 72 inches (6 feet).
  • Account for door clearance and entry and exit flows.
  • Consider extra space for parking bikes with trailers.


  • Limit access to the bike room to authorized users to increase security.
  • Bike racks should enable the bike frame and wheel to be locked to the rack.
  • Ensure the bike room has adequate lighting.
  • Consider surveillance cameras for added security.


Recommended Bike Racks for Bike Rooms


The Bike WallRack is a simple, space saving, and economical bike storage system. Designed to free up floor space, the WallRack parks a bike vertically against a wall. Simply roll the bike up to the rack by the back wheel and set the front wheel into the rack. Lock to secure both the wheel and the frame. Bike WallRack Stands can be used to create double-sided bike parking.

Bike Room Layout, Wall Rack


Inverted U Racks

CycleSafe U/2 Bike Racks accommodate two bicycles per rack securing both the wheel and frame. This increased stability helps prevent colliding bikes and is safer for pedestrian traffic aisles.

Bike Room Layout, U Rack


Hi-Density Bike Racks

For maximum capacity, the Hi-Density Bike Rack offers cost-efficient bike parking with two-tier capacity. Simply roll the bike along the channel provided to secure the wheel and bike frame in place. Each Hi-Density Bike Rack allows double-tier parking to hold four bicycles.

Bike Room Layout, High-Density Rack


Bike Stalls

The CycleSafe Bike Stall can store up to eight bikes per five foot section. Bikes can be placed at 45º angles to allow for wider aisles.

Bike Room Layout, Bike Stall


A well-planned bike room is secure, convenient, easy to use, and an asset to any building. For help selecting the right bike racks or designing a bike room, please contact CycleSafe at 888-950-6531.

New Bicycle Parking in Downtown Flint, Michigan

The Crim Fitness Foundation and members of the Safe and Active Genesee for Everyone (SAGE) coalition installed nine new CycleSafe bike racks along South Saginaw Street in downtown Flint this past November 2013.

SAGE offers downtown business owners the opportunity to have bike racks installed free of charge. Previously, bicyclists were forced to improvise parking and chain their bicycles to tree, street signs, benches, and anything else they could find. By providing bicycle parking, SAGE hopes to support active living. Available bicycle parking encourages shoppers to ride their bicycles downtown, knowing there will be safe parking available when they arrive at their destination.

For more information on new bicycle parking in Flint, see the news article: Crim Foundation, SAGE install nine bike racks on South Saginaw Street in downtown Flint.

Bicycle Lockers and Racks keep Kent Alive

The Central Gateway in Kent, Ohio is offering CycleSafe bicycle lockers to promote downtown shops and restaurants as part of an initiative to keep Kent Alive. Located near Kent State University Hotel and Conference Center and the historic Atlantic & Great Western Railway Depot, opportunities for biking play an important role with bike racks throughout the city.

Bicycle lockers provide added security with covered bicycle storage for the commuter, or committed cyclist who may also have a need to store gear. The Kent Planning Commission is committed to these initiatives with legislation to require bike parking with zoning amendments for new construction throughout the city. Local businesses are joining the initiative by placing bike racks on the streetscape to enhance storefront activity and urban vitality.

Kent, Ohio Bicycle Station

CycleSafe Introduces Extension Bike Lockers, an Innovation in Bicycle Parking

CycleSafe is pleased to introduce a new innovation in Bicycle Parking: Extension Bike Lockers.

CycleSafe has designed a variation of their ProPark bike locker to meet the needs of longer wheelbase extension bikes and recumbent bikes. Available in 3-unit locker modules to accommodate (2) extension bikes and (2) standard bikes in individual storage lockers. Bicycle parking units are modular and can be expanded in rows to accommodate additional bike capacity.

Extension Bike LockerThe extension bike lockers have one operating lockable door with the opposite door as a fixed rear panel. Each extension unit is composed of two triangular stalls combined by removing the interior side panel of the adjacent locker to create a parallelogram stall for longer bikes or multiple standard bikes. End units are triangular stalls for standard bikes.

Extension Bike Locker Features

  • Allows storage for a variety of bikes: Extension bikes, recumbent bikes
  • Modular for expansion, can be relocated as needs change
  • Existing lockers can be retrofitted to become extension bike lockers
  • Available with a variety of door lock options

Find out more about CycleSafe Extention Bike Lockers.

Grand Rapids Installs CycleSafe Bicycle Corrals: A New Concept in Bicycle Parking

CycleSafe is pleased to announce that the Grand Rapids Downtown Development Authority has installed 8 CycleSafe bicycle corrals and 90 bicycle racks to improve bicycle parking along its bike paths in downtown Grand Rapids.

“It is the DDA’s belief that these new facilities would help to promote cycling as an alternative mode of transportation and attract cyclists to the downtown area,” DDA planner Eric Pratt writes in a memo to the city’s Parking Commission.

The City of Grand Rapid offers a map giving the locations of bicycle paths, bicycle parking as well as bike shops in the downtown area:

Bicycle Corrals


A new concept for bicycle parking, eight bike corrals have been installed along various business districts downtown. This concept has proven to increase business activities in municipalities in Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois; as well as many cities in California. A bike corral transforms a standard parking lane or sidewalk area into bike parking for 4-8 bikes per five-foot section. Bikes can be placed at 45º angles to increase pathways between pedestrian or traffic lanes. Bicycle corrals allow for a more efficient use of space than other forms of bicycle parking to encourage traffic and economic activity for local businesses.

Bicycle Racks

U/2™ Bike Racks are the standard in inverted U bike racks, and are recommended by the Association of Pedestrian and Bicyclists Professionals (APBP) and meet government standards for Class 3 short-term bicycle parking.

CycleSafe’s inverted U bike racks accommodate two bicycles per rack providing full security of both the wheel and frame. This increased stability helps prevent colliding bikes and is safer for pedestrian traffic aisles. This efficient design results in more bikes being parked in less space than “wave type” racks while maintaining the bike in a uniform, sturdy position.


CycleSafe Bike Racks and Corrals are made with durable, maintenance-free coatings, available in a thick polymer rubberized coating or TGIC polyester powdercoat, custom colors upon request. They are designed for uniform bike stability and are built to park more bikes per square foot. CycleSafe products are manufactured in West Michigan with materials from the Great Lakes region.

CycleSafe Bike Lockers Installed in Waterloo, Ontario

Canadian efforts continue to promote active transportation for healthy, sustainable communities by providing CycleSafe Bicycle Lockers. The lockers will allow cyclists to park their bicycles more securely in lockers with high-security locks. The city selected custom colors for the lockers of blue and white to correlate with the way-finding signage with the same color scheme. Read the article in the Waterloo Chronicle: Bike friendly city adds lockers to infrastructure.

ProPark ViewThru Bike LockerDiane Freeman, an active cyclist in the community, is thrilled with the lockers. She said it will fill a need in the community and gives cyclists more options when cycling in the uptown core. “A lot of people are wary about bike theft so this should put to rest some of those concerns and give people more options,” she said.

CycleSafe Vintage Bike Rack Corral a Hit in Redondo Beach

California’s South Bay Bicycle Master Plan covers seven South Bay cities, including Redondo Beach. The city was the first to begin implementing the plan, by installing a “bike corral” using CycleSafe Vintage Bike Racks. These bike corrals provide short-term bicycle parking and are the perfect complement to urban planners’ historic streetscapes or urban enhancements.

Bike Rack Corral in Redondo BeachThe Redondo Beach bike rack corral replaces a “red zone,” where cars were not permitted to park, and adds space for 16 bikes. In its simplest form, a bike corral takes a single car parking space and retrofits it to become parking for 10 or more bikes. Bike corrals free up pedestrian space creating active, livable sidewalks that encourage local businesses. Bike corrals also help eliminate pollution by replacing cars with zero-emission bicycles while promoting healthier lifestyles and sustainable communities.

For an update on the Redondo Beach bike corral, check out this piece from the “Flying Pigeon.”

Cycling Toward Sustainability

Since its founding in 1980 as a response to the energy crisis of the 70s, CycleSafe has led the way towards sustainable communities promoting active transportation. A leader in promoting green business practices and re-thinking urban transportation systems, the company encourages cycling as an alternative or additional mode of transportation. “Bicycling as a form of enhancing communities with active modes of transit has been identified as the top priority worldwide for conserving natural resources,” states company founder, Richard Hartger.

ProPark Bike Locker with Display PanelAs the bicycle locker pioneer, CycleSafe offers the most secure, versatile, and cost-effective lockers on the market. CycleSafe bike lockers provide cyclists with peace of mind knowing their bicycle and gear is safe and weather protected. This assurance, in turn, helps increase the use of cycling as a form of fitness and transportation. For communities, more bicycles mean fewer cars, reducing congestion and improving air quality.

CycleSafe products are engineered and manufactured with materials and finishes that follow ISO 9001 for quality assurance and ISO 14001 for environmental standards. In addition, the company researches environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes and produces all its products in the United States.

Its expanded product line includes decorative bicycle racks and bicycle shelters to meet the demands of active commuters, community cyclists, and community planners. “Our products are designed to achieve the goals of transport and urban planners, satisfy the aesthetic desires of architects and the functional needs of the cyclist and facility planner,” Hartger says.

As the leading manufacturer of bicycle parking products in the industry, CycleSafe will continue to innovate and develop new products that enhance the image of cycling and encourage more users to promote healthy, active communities.

CycleSafe Classic U/2 Bike Racks Installed for World’s Largest Arts Competition

When preparing for ArtPrize 2012, Grand Rapids, the second largest city in Michigan, decided to install approximately 40 more bike racks in its downtown area in order to accommodate the anticipated crowds. “We’ve got to do something quickly or we’ll have bicycles chained (to parking meters, trees, street signs and other things during ArtPrize),” stated Kristopher Larson, Downtown Development Authority Director.

Bike U-Rack with Crossbar at ArtPrizeCycleSafe provided the city with Classic™ U/2 Bike Racks manufactured of heavy-gauge steel pipe and coated with Plastisol rubberized coating for scratch resistance and rust protection. This rack design is the recommended standard by the Association of Pedestrian and Bicyclists Professionals (APBP) and meets government standards for short-term bike parking.

The city selected the Classic U/2 bike rack with a crossbar for the additional security measures against bike theft. The U/2 offers two points to lock a bike, with the crossbar eliminating a lock from being levered to the ground for breakage. The U/2 style rack provides security and stability for the bike, preserving pedestrian access aisles with bikes in a uniform, upright fashion.