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Bike Locker Key Management

The partnership between CycleSafe and WebVantage enables CycleSafe customers to take the benefits of their investment to a completely new level of bicycle locker key management.

Are you looking for a way to take full advantage of your investment in bicycle locker infrastructure from CycleSafe with a cloud-based key management solution?

Whether you have an existing fleet of bicycle lockers under management or are looking to deploy a new installation, you should consider the potential of a bike locker key management solution.

CycleSafe, Inc. is an industry leader in the design and development of high-quality bicycle parking solutions. CycleSafe has a global presence with unique solutions and research capabilities, and strives to provide its clients with the latest technology and in-depth bicycle parking knowledge and vast industry experience.

WebVantage has a solid track record of delivering innovative cloud-based solutions that result in tangible cost savings and productivity gains to its public and private sector clients of all sizes. WebVantage will explore your requirements and craft a solution based on customizable integrated off-the-shelf modules. This means that your system will be provisioned rapidly, mapped tightly to your needs and on budget.

Read the WebVantage case study about how WebVantage implemented an online system to manage a network of over 2,500 bicycle lockers for Queensland Rail.

If you are interested in the benefits a cloud-based key management solution can offer your CycleSafe investment then contact us now.

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