CycleSafe: Secure Bicycle Parking

Bike Parking Tubular Marker

Help keep cyclists safe with highly reflective, rebounding tubular markers. These multi-purpose posts are the perfect companion to any bike parking installation.

Patented Reactive Spring

Each post has an anti-twist reactive spring assembly that causes the post to rebound to its upright position when struck.

360° of Reflectivity

Each post comes with two bands of flexible 3M™ High Intensity reflective sheeting to provide 360° of reflectivity.


The post is constructed of flexible plastic that is resistant to ultraviolet light, ozone, and hydrocarbons.

Low Maintenance Costs

Its ability to rebound from any direction provides lower maintenance and replacement costs, and provides cyclist-friendly protection.


Post meets MUTCD specifications and has been NTPEP Tested.

Interchanging Base: Posts are compatible with the fixed base, quick release base, or portable base.

Fixed Base

The fixed base is a surface-mount base designed for permanent applications that secure the upright with bolts or adhesives.

Quick Release Base

The quick release fixed base is a surface-mount base with a unique quick release feature designed for permanent or long-term applications. The base’s quick release feature provides the ability to change out or remove products in less than five seconds without the use of tools or special equipment.

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