CycleSafe: Secure Bicycle Parking


CycleSafe continues to innovate with new designs and ideas for secure bicycle parking to expand on our engineering capabilities and knowledge of the market.

Our Tri-Park bicycle lockers will soon be available to fit into corner site requirements or the ability to create a variety of bicycle locker layouts in curvilinear or circular designs. This variation of our ProPark bicycle locker line will offer the durability and lock options of this popular line of bike lockers.

Bicycle Compounds are a concept that utilizes our bike rack systems into a shared complex that can be locked as a unit. These are custom designed and site specific, please contact our design department to develop ideas for this concept.

Our company aim is to encourage wider use of the bicycle for transportation by providing convenient and secure bicycle facilities to reduce the need for short car trips and promote healthy communities.

Contact CycleSafe with your bike parking ideas. We are committed to exploring new ideas and concepts for secure bike parking and will try to meet your site requirements to improve and encourage community cycling.

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Bicycle Parking is an Urban Status Symbol