CycleSafe: Secure Bicycle Parking

Quality and Durability

As the industry quality leader, CycleSafe products offer the lowest cost of ownership of any bicycle storage system on the market. CycleSafe products are engineered for extended product life; utilizing years of research invested in quality materials/finishes to provide the very best cost solutions to meet the increasing demands for secure bicycle parking.


Utilizing the principles of Continuous Improvement, Defect Prevention, and the Reduction of Waste, CycleSafe closely documents its processes. We strive to make improvements in the way we design our products, select our materials, and manage our supplier network. The result is a product line that is created using exacting standards for quality and sustainability.


CycleSafe’s quality model is patterned after the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG). Simply put, this means CycleSafe uses the strictest practices to ensure its products are of the highest quality, uniformity, and reliability.


CycleSafe’s manufacturers follow ISO, ANSI, EPA, UL ratings, and LEED quality and environmental standards to provide quality and conservation of resources. CycleSafe products have a 30-plus year proven product life and serve over 10 million cyclists a year. As a company we are committed to customer satisfaction and offer the longest product life in the industry.


CycleSafe’s line of bicycle lockers are the only bike storage lockers on the market using Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) formed composites. This tough material is impervious to weather, UV rays, scratches, chips, and stains. CycleSafe bike racks combine structural steel with a low VOC, polyester powder coat and a zinc-based corrosion resistant undercoat to create the toughest rack available. CycleSafe’s standard bicycle U rack offers the thickest coating on the market; a 1/8” scratch and rust-proof rubberized Plastisol coating that will protect the rack and bike finish.

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