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Grand Rapids, Mich. (November 8, 2016)

Contact: Susan Hartger, V.P. CycleSafe, Inc.
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CycleSafe Innovates with App for Bike Locker Rental and Payment

CycleSafe of Grand Rapids has announced a strategic new partnership for app-based bike locker reservation, payment and use.

Bicycles are an energy-efficient and healthy form of transportation. However, for many riders, the availability of bike storage is a significant factor that limits use with millions of bikes stolen every year. “Bike owners love seeing our products at train stations, office buildings and community centers because they know they will find their bike dry, clean and safe when they return.” says Richard Hartger, President and CEO of CycleSafe. A bike locker offers a covered and locked storage unit for one or two bicycles. CycleSafe’s design requires a smaller footprint per bike than a simple U-channel bike rack, and also allows storage for a helmet and other gear.

Most bike locker systems utilize a key management program that requires an administrator to manage and replace keys, an obstacle for the cyclist and burden for management.

Now CycleSafe has added another element of security and convenience to bike locker rental through a custom app for reservation and payment. “We partnered with Movatic of Ann Arbor to simplify two things,” continues Hartger. “For bike riders, it is much easier to reserve and pay for a locker via a smart phone rather than with cash or credit card. Phones are convenient, and simple to use, providing 24 hour service. For the property managers who have to keep track of reservations, payments and keys, this is also a great approach. The bike locker becomes a self-service benefit that that does not require onsite staffing.”

When a rider reserves a CycleSafe locker through the Movatic app, they can see all available locker locations on a map. The rider simply chooses the desired location and selects an available locker. After a quick credit card entry, the locker rental begins. When the renter is ready to use the locker, he or she simply taps a button, and the app connects via Bluetooth to unlock the door. A rider can open and close the locker as many times as needed, and rent the locker as long as desired, all by using the app. No cash or keys are required. When finished with the locker, the user simply ends the rental on the app, which re-locks the door until the next user selects and pays for that locker.

An equally important feature of this new system is that it can be retrofitted to existing lockers. CycleSafe has an installed base of lockers all over the country, many of which require payment for rental. Now property managers, city officials and others can choose to implement the app-based rental and payment system to extend the utility of their existing investment.

“We know that property owners and cyclists love our bike lockers,” says Hartger. “This new service continues to simplify the process of bike locker rental for riders, and removes the tedious details of transaction management from the building owner. ”

About CycleSafe: We have set the standard for security, reliability and innovation in bike storage worldwide since 1985. Our products complement communities and encourage cycling with dependable products that last.

New Bicycle Parking in Downtown Flint, Michigan

The Crim Fitness Foundation and members of the Safe and Active Genesee for Everyone (SAGE) coalition installed nine new CycleSafe bike racks along South Saginaw Street in downtown Flint this past November 2013.

SAGE offers downtown business owners the opportunity to have bike racks installed free of charge. Previously, bicyclists were forced to improvise parking and chain their bicycles to tree, street signs, benches, and anything else they could find. By providing bicycle parking, SAGE hopes to support active living. Available bicycle parking encourages shoppers to ride their bicycles downtown, knowing there will be safe parking available when they arrive at their destination.

For more information on new bicycle parking in Flint, see the news article: Crim Foundation, SAGE install nine bike racks on South Saginaw Street in downtown Flint.

Bicycle Lockers and Racks keep Kent Alive

The Central Gateway in Kent, Ohio is offering CycleSafe bicycle lockers to promote downtown shops and restaurants as part of an initiative to keep Kent Alive. Located near Kent State University Hotel and Conference Center and the historic Atlantic & Great Western Railway Depot, opportunities for biking play an important role with bike racks throughout the city.

Bicycle lockers provide added security with covered bicycle storage for the commuter, or committed cyclist who may also have a need to store gear. The Kent Planning Commission is committed to these initiatives with legislation to require bike parking with zoning amendments for new construction throughout the city. Local businesses are joining the initiative by placing bike racks on the streetscape to enhance storefront activity and urban vitality.

Kent, Ohio Bicycle Station

CycleSafe Bike Lockers Installed in Waterloo, Ontario

Canadian efforts continue to promote active transportation for healthy, sustainable communities by providing CycleSafe Bicycle Lockers. The lockers will allow cyclists to park their bicycles more securely in lockers with high-security locks. The city selected custom colors for the lockers of blue and white to correlate with the way-finding signage with the same color scheme. Read the article in the Waterloo Chronicle: Bike friendly city adds lockers to infrastructure.

ProPark ViewThru Bike LockerDiane Freeman, an active cyclist in the community, is thrilled with the lockers. She said it will fill a need in the community and gives cyclists more options when cycling in the uptown core. “A lot of people are wary about bike theft so this should put to rest some of those concerns and give people more options,” she said.

CycleSafe Vintage Bike Rack Corral a Hit in Redondo Beach

California’s South Bay Bicycle Master Plan covers seven South Bay cities, including Redondo Beach. The city was the first to begin implementing the plan, by installing a “bike corral” using CycleSafe Vintage Bike Racks. These bike corrals provide short-term bicycle parking and are the perfect complement to urban planners’ historic streetscapes or urban enhancements.

Bike Rack Corral in Redondo BeachThe Redondo Beach bike rack corral replaces a “red zone,” where cars were not permitted to park, and adds space for 16 bikes. In its simplest form, a bike corral takes a single car parking space and retrofits it to become parking for 10 or more bikes. Bike corrals free up pedestrian space creating active, livable sidewalks that encourage local businesses. Bike corrals also help eliminate pollution by replacing cars with zero-emission bicycles while promoting healthier lifestyles and sustainable communities.

For an update on the Redondo Beach bike corral, check out this piece from the “Flying Pigeon.”

CycleSafe Classic U/2 Bike Racks Installed for World’s Largest Arts Competition

When preparing for ArtPrize 2012, Grand Rapids, the second largest city in Michigan, decided to install approximately 40 more bike racks in its downtown area in order to accommodate the anticipated crowds. “We’ve got to do something quickly or we’ll have bicycles chained (to parking meters, trees, street signs and other things during ArtPrize),” stated Kristopher Larson, Downtown Development Authority Director.

Bike U-Rack with Crossbar at ArtPrizeCycleSafe provided the city with Classic™ U/2 Bike Racks manufactured of heavy-gauge steel pipe and coated with Plastisol rubberized coating for scratch resistance and rust protection. This rack design is the recommended standard by the Association of Pedestrian and Bicyclists Professionals (APBP) and meets government standards for short-term bike parking.

The city selected the Classic U/2 bike rack with a crossbar for the additional security measures against bike theft. The U/2 offers two points to lock a bike, with the crossbar eliminating a lock from being levered to the ground for breakage. The U/2 style rack provides security and stability for the bike, preserving pedestrian access aisles with bikes in a uniform, upright fashion.

The Green Register Highlights CycleSafe for its Sustainable Products and Practices

The Green RegisterCycleSafe is pleased to be recognized by The Green Register under its “Greenovations” category for our dedication to sustainable products and practices as reflected in our Sustainability Statement. The Green Register is a source for the latest in environmental sustainability news, innovative “green” business practices and trends, and useful environmental resources and information.

By providing safe and secure parking options for bicyclists, CycleSafe helps to free up pedestrian space, eliminate pollution by replacing cars with zero-emission bicycles, and promote a healthier lifestyle and more sustainable communities.

A member of the United States Green Building Council, CycleSafe will continually strive to provide a more sustainable world for future generations through innovative products, cleaner manufacturing processes, and advocacy.

City of Detroit offers Secure Bike Lockers

The City of Detroit recently added six new CycleSafe bike lockers in an area between the Science Center, Detroit Institute of Arts and the Scarab Club. According to “Detroit’s new bike lockers” by, an organization that promotes bicycling in Detroit, the secure bike lockers provide peace of mind to cyclists who want to enjoy Detroit’s cultural offerings. The article states that the bike lockers “offer a very secure, comprehensive means of securing your bike, but especially those fancy bikes with expensive, easy-to-remove parts.”

CycleSafe is a Michigan business proud to be a part of bicycling in Detroit.

CycleSafe Electronic Access Bike Lockers + Park-by-Phone Technology part of Greening of Indianapolis

The industry leader in bike parking and bike parking security, CycleSafe, recently completed the final pieces for the installation of on-demand bike lockers in Indianapolis, Indiana. The CycleSafe electronic access bike lockers and new Park-by-Phone technology are key components of a massive effort to promote bicycling throughout the city. The installation debuted at Indianapolis’ Bike to Work Day on May 18, 2007 and was covered by Inside Indiana Business.

BikePort IndianaThis on-demand bicycle parking solution is part of a concentrated effort to increase bike lanes, bike paths, and the economic development and appeal of the city as an active, healthy community. With help from the State, Indianapolis is adding bike lanes in two heavily traveled downtown areas, furthering the efforts to make it safe and conducive for people to take advantage of the new bicycle parking options. These efforts were in conjunction with INBikePort, a non-profit organization founded by Randall Clark, owner of Bicycle Garage shops around Indy, and federal transportation enhancement grants. The city was able to obtain the CycleSafe lockers and implement showers and changing facilities at five locations, with parking for 46 bicycles utilizing the revolutionary keyless technology.

All cyclists need is to register online once through, and as long as they have a cell phone, they can access any unoccupied locker upon arrival. They can also check for availability of a locker before leaving through the web site and see which ones are occupied.

The new facilities make it easier for cyclists to commute to work, help lower carbon emissions, and go a long way toward promoting healthier, greener lifestyles. CycleSafe President Richard Hartger said “in this increasingly digital and wireless age, parking and facility managers can take advantage of this park-by-phone technology to reduce operations, maintenance, and enforcement costs as well as make it easier and more convenient for cyclists.” This system provides convenience and security for the user and the city. Users do not need swipe cards to access a locker and locker owners are able to identify users.

CycleSafe has been a leader in bicycle parking solutions for the past four decades and offers bicycle parking products with the longest life-cycle and most flexibility of any commuter bicycle storage system on the market. Currently there are more than 25,000 durable, maintenance-free CycleSafe lockers installed around the country and the world. The company’s durable, high-quality, modular bike lockers are available with many options such as way-finding or promotional panels on storage bins for cyclists’ gear.

Bike Lockers Help Promote Alternative Transportation in St. Paul, Minnesota

In 1985, when St. Paul, Minnesota first decided to improve its transit system and promote the use of alternative transportation, its Metro Commuter Services installed 55 CycleSafe bike lockers at several park-and-ride lots. These lockers, with storage bins, keep bikes and cyclists’ gear safe, secure, and protected from inclement weather. As reported in American City & County magazine’s “Lockers let bicyclists commute worry-free“, the initial lockers were so well-received that, in 2001, 120 additional CycleSafe bike lockers were installed throughout the city at places such as government buildings, Metro State University and the city’s museum. The most recent installation of bike lockers was paid for with Federal Aid Preservation Funds to promote active, healthy lifestyles while preserving air quality and energy conservation.