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Sponsorship or Memorial Bike Rack

CycleSafe offers an opportunity to sponsor or memorialize with a custom bike rack. The U/2 bike rack crossbar allows a 3″ x 10″ dedication plaque, or a bronze plaque can be mounted in concrete.

Customers will be responsible for ordering the plaque. CycleSafe can provide resources to accomplish that — contact your CycleSafe customer service representative.

Manufactured of heavy-gauge Sch. 40 steel pipe with black plastisol rubberized jacket. Sponsorship bike U racks are built to withstand urban environments. Choose from the standard black plastisol or custom color TGIC polyester powder coat finishes.


  • Durable, maintenance-free plastisol coating
  • Offers bike stability, no conflict with pedestrian aisles
  • Greater bike capacity, no colliding bikes or handles


  • In-ground, surface or rail mount U/2 Bike Racks
  • Custom zinc primer TGIC powder coat finishes
  • Bronze plaque can be mounted beside racks, lockers, or shelters as a memorial or for bike clubs
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