Sustainability Commitment



Bicycle parking supports the environment and promotes health initiatives.

For more than 25 years, CycleSafe, Inc. has been making a positive impact on the natural world. By providing secure bicycle parking products for commuters – and by following sustainable manufacturing practices – our company is an active participant in the movement toward a healthier environment and society.

While much of the focus in the business sustainability movement is on the greening of interior/office environments, it’s important to remember that the biggest environmental impact remains how people get to work.

According to the Energy Information Administration, transportation emissions represent the largest source of energy-related carbon dioxide release in the United States. CycleSafe’s products provide a direct, practical response to this reality.

CycleSafe’s bicycle parking products – high-density bike lockers,  enclosed bike shelters, and commercial bike racks – promote a more sustainable world by:

  • Reducing single-occupancy vehicle trips
  • Encouraging bicycling and other alternative modes of transport
  • Promoting linkage to mass transit
  • Reducing demand for motor vehicle parking and easing traffic congestion
  • Employing environmentally responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices

CycleSafe manufacturer’s follow ISO, ANSI, EPA, UL and LEED Quality and Environmental Standards to provide quality control and conservation of resources. Our Environmental Policy stresses Continuous Improvement, Prevention of Pollution, and evaluation of environmental aspects to allow target objectives to be maintained for Sustainable practice to continue which also support ratings such as LEED and Green Building requirements. CycleSafe products contribute to LEED Version 2009 and V.4 Ratings systems.

Cleaner Manufacturing Processes

CycleSafe is committed to identifying and using environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques. These include:

  • Closed compression molding: CycleSafe bike lockers and shelters feature exterior panels made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester SMC (sheet molded compound) produced with a controlled-emissions process. This is the cleanest fiberglass molding method available. Spray molding and other open molding methods, by contrast, produce toxic air emissions and generate more waste – in addition to creating a weaker composite. The SMC process also uses less energy than metal or thermoplastic production. CycleSafe recycles any SMC waste through the SMC Automotive Alliance and affiliated companies. Our SMC molders are ISO-certified manufacturers.
  • ABS molding: Lockers have ABS-molded end panels that include 30% post-industrial recycled material.
  • Recycled steel: Our bicycle racks are made of 22.3% post-consumer recycled steel with a total recovered material content of 25-30%.
  • Finishing/coating:
    • CycleSafe lockers are coated with a low-VOC, two-part electrostatic polyurethane finish.
    • Inverted U bicycle racks and Event Bike Racks are dipped in an abrasion/corrosion-resistant plastisol coating (over schedule 40 steel pipe) to preserve steel integrity and prolong product life. The plastisol is heated at a low temperature to minimize emissions.
    • Vintage® racks and Wall Racks are coated with a durable polyester powder coat, producing zero VOC emissions. E-coat primer ensures a longer-lasting coating, reducing the need for repainting. In addition, energy expended to cure the product is less than is required in other paint processes.
  • Packaging: Corrugated cartons, dunnage blocks and shipping pallets are all manufactured locally using recycled materials. Pallets are reusable and biodegradable.

Earth-Friendly Sourcing

CycleSafe reduces transportation costs and emissions by contracting with local suppliers, manufacturers and distributors for all raw materials. All of these facilities meet air quality standards and enforce environmental policies. Internal transportation is also minimized, as the SMC parts used in our lockers are molded at the same plant where the raw material is produced. OSB panels are manufactured at local mills, and all steel products and stainless steel fasteners come from regional suppliers.

Contributing to LEED Certification

CycleSafe bicycle parking products can be the lowest cost to LEED Rating credits. CycleSafe is a longtime member of the U.S. Green Building Council, which “provides independent, third-party verification that a building project meets the highest green building and performance measures.” The USGBC’s LEED plaque demonstrates that a building is environmentally responsible, profitable and a healthy place to live and work. Get more information about LEED rating systems.

Maintenance and Cost Implications

Durable and well-crafted, CycleSafe products require little to no maintenance and have an estimated lifecycle of 50 years or more, greatly reducing the cost of ownership. In addition, they can be easily disassembled and relocated as needed.

Financial implications for consumers are also attractive, as the cost for secure bicycle parking much lower than the cost of vehicle parking. Beyond this are the obvious cost savings in automobile maintenance and fuel.

Community/Corporate Responsibility

By promoting transportation alternatives, CycleSafe also encourages active lifestyles, which can contribute to improved commuter and community health.


CycleSafe, Inc. will continually strive to provide a more sustainable world for future generations through innovative products, cleaner manufacturing processes and social activism. Enhancing the environment upon which we all depend is at the center of our mission to promote secure parking for bicycle users.