The agency had been burned with bicycle lockers from a CycleSafe competitor that lasted about three months. When we asked them about CycleSafe there was a thread of positive responses. We were really satisfied about what we heard from other people about CycleSafe, and were looking at a lot of ways of connecting transit with biking. With the ISTEA money we invested in equipment like bike racks on buses and vanpool vehicles, but we also thought to look at how we can increase bike parking at park-and-rides and transit centers. We wanted to add an option to help reduce car travel and establish the right mix of equipment. The driving force behind our grant was to test the various types of equipment, look at the quality, and determine how they would be managed to could establish guidelines when we construct a facility. People are hard on them, and we need a locker that could take punishment for long periods for time and still offer security. I didn’t want to end up investing in cheap equipment that I had to keep replacing. The CycleSafe lockers are a good solid equipment, we haven’t had any problems with them. We don’t want to have to keep spending a lot of money on parts and maintenance. The CycleSafe lockers may be more expensive initially, but the long-term value is what we’re looking for. We surveyed them, and everybody’s satisfied, only wanted to know why there aren’t more of them.

Robert Flor, Market Development Planner King Co. Dept. Of Metropolitan Services Seattle, Washington

We have had very good experience with CycleSafe lockers. They are expensive, but worth the money in terms of being durable, not easy to break in to and excellent customer support. They were purchased for their resistance to break-in. San Francisco has 100+ and none have been broken into.

Peter Tannen, City of San Francisco Department of Parking and Traffic

We installed 30 CycleSafe lockers nearly ten years ago at IBM Research. Ellen Fletcher is right: they are expensive but they are of very high quality. They’re good as new after all these years.

Brad Wade, IBM Alamaden Research Center San Jose, California

I’ve had years of experience with five or six other bike locker brands, and CycleSafe provides the best-quality. I feel we’ve made an excellent investment. CycleSafe offers the best of both worlds. They meet our facility’s requirements, blending well aesthetically with the building and landscaping, while proving highly functional for the cyclist.

Angela Rae, Trip Reduction Administrator Apple Computer

We got what we paid for, cheaper lockers lasted just a year. After that they were torn out, easy to tear apart and heavily marked with graffiti. They didn’t handle the vandalism well, they just weren’t strong enough. We heard about CycleSafe as we spoke with other transit agencies, especially the Washington Metro Transit Authority. They have worked well for them, and they’ve worked out great for us, with no break-in problems. CycleSafe lockers have a nice flow to them, others were boxy and bulky. We want to get as many people off the roads as possible, not only from people’s houses to their jobs, but from their houses to the train stations as well. The locker program is a convenience to customers to encourage them to do that. We are getting very good comments from customers.

Urie Ridgeway, New Jersey Transit

The subject of how secure bicycle lockers must be, and at what cost, is one that is circulating among transit authorities who have had experience with bicycle lockers in suburban rail stations. At New Jersey Transit Authority, where (other manufacturers’) lockers were repeatedly vandalized and finally removed, the preferred locker design is manufactured by CycleSafe Inc. of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their endorsement is so strongly worded and adamantly affirmed by bicyclist organizations that no other options to this product are even considered.

Greater Attleboro-Taunton Regional Transit Authority,

We were approached by our employees to provide a secure and dry alternative to our standard bicycle racks. In response to our employee’s request and a considerable search for the right solution, we found your product and our problem was resolved. CycleSafe has provided a timely product that is both price and maintenance conscious.

Thomas McP. Roberts, Manager Facility Operations Siemens Corporation Research, Inc

We’ve had no problem with CycleSafe, they are low-maintenance, and have performed extremely well. On one of the CycleSafe lockers, somebody spend a great deal of time attempting to rip a door off, but they couldn’t do it. With CycleSafe, the commuter’s belongings are completely protected from vandals as well as the elements.

Sharonlee Vogel, Manager Bikes on Rails Program Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Washington D.C.

They did the best job of meeting our specifications, and we’re planning on getting some more. We had a terrible experience with other locker brands, the construction was very poor, and were just trashed by vandals. With CycleSafe there have been no break-ins and are maintenance-free for our operations people. The overall ease of use is a very attractive feature for us, CycleSafe proved itself. We’re very pleased with the product and would certainly like to expand the program. Now it requires some good planning on our part to determine the best locations for additional lockers.

Jerry Kane, Planner Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA)

Santa Carita Transit chose CycleSafe because we wanted to offer our residents and commuters a quality product, one which would be an attractive component to our Metrolink commuter rail station.

Ron Kilcoyne, Transportation Manager City of Santa Carita, California

Cyclists in the Bike Users Group (BUG) believe that many cyclists want to bike to the site rather than drive, despite the climate – and the hills. This is a very welcome facility, and we support this major initiative to improve bicycle security.

Keith Elliot, Nursing Officer Barnsley General Hospital United Kingdom

As a trial, eight CycleSafe lockers have been installed near the main staff entrance, and so far the uptake has been encouraging. If the experiment is a success further lockers will be purchased by the Hospital. Each locker should result in one less car on site.

Mr. W R Lievesley, Director of Estates and Facilities Barnsley General Hospital United Kingdom

I kept hearing about the plans to encourage cycling to work, but only really considered it after reading an e-mail about the CycleSafe lockers in November 97. Once I paid the deposit for one I had to renovate my unused bike, and bought some new lights. Since getting my own CycleSafe I now cycle almost daily, often taking a longer, more scenic route home. Its definitely improved my general level of fitness!

Stephen Presage, Hospital Administration Nottingham City Hospital United Kingdom

As well as the positive image the lockers give, other benefits include reduced demand for staff car parking on the site, fewer stolen accessories such as panniers and lights, (with reduced problems for security personnel), and healthier and fitter employees. The lockers are certainly appreciated by staff – all 20 were taken in the first 2 days – and they are now in regular use by employees who have paid a key deposit and signed a long-term rental agreement. These visible and popular facilities have been installed in direct response to requests from cycling employees. For example all the new CycleSafe lockers are already fully allocated and in daily use — with a substantial waiting list.

Clive Young, Hospital Security Manager Nottingham City Hospital United Kingdom

Blackpool Hospital is changing the image of cycling, by replacing an old metal bicycle shed with 20 stylish high security CycleSafe bicycle lockers, designed for individual users on a long term basis. The policy is to encourage cycle-commuting by staff, and this very visible and welcome facility clearly demonstrates the commitment to this aim.

David Lee, Assistant Director of Facilities Blackpool Victoria Hospital United Kingdom

The University of Washington has been buying CycleSafe lockers since 1981, and we have never found a better constructed or more secure bike locker on the market. With almost 240 bike lockers in use, the University of Washington is often asked by other public agencies and universities for advice on what brand of locker to buy. Without hesitation, we recommend CycleSafe as the best bike locker on the market.

Michael Williams, Manager of Transportation Systems University of Washington

After a lengthy review process, CycleSafe was selected because it produces the only bicycle locker that offers the security and durability we require in unsupervised areas. In addition, CycleSafe’s locker construction is the one that requires minimal, if any, maintenance and will withstand our Minnesota weather for years. Other product lines offer some of their features as add-on options, however, the add-on price became more costly than the CycleSafe standard.

Robert Olson, Public Facilities Project Coordinator Metropolitan Council Transit Operations Minneapolis, Minnesota

It’s so great to see a company like yours addressing the importance of taking alternative modes of transportation to the workplace and giving people the peace of mind to do so! The next challenge is making sure that there are safe routes to work and school so that we can feel motivated and encouraged to ride our bikes and walk more often.

Nichole Kelley-Korson, Director Michigan on the Move

A big improvement for cyclists. This is an incentive for more people to take up cycling and reduce their reliance on the car.

Alan Lloyd, United Kingdom Counselor

“I have seen the lockers at City Hall with protestors jumping up and down on them. A good testament to their strength”. (These are original CycleSafe installations from over 30 years ago)

Ken Rapp, Landscape Architect University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan,

We need to offer people greater confidence in opting to cycle. That involves allotting funds for improving conditions on the roads, creating direct convenient and safe routes as well as organizing means of parking and securing bikes at the ends of journeys. Make sure that cycling gets the attention it deserves and that it is firmly ensconced as part of the 21st century transport landscape.

Steven Norris, MP Under-Secretary of State for Transport United Kingdom