Vertical Bike Storage

Vertical bike storage rack systems are designed to open pedestrian access aisles, create space-saving bicycle parking, and reduce your carbon footprint. The Bike WallRack™ series by CycleSafe offers many vertical bike rack options with built-in locking capacity to store bikes where space is limited. Simply roll the bike up to the rack by the back wheel and set the front wheel into the rack. Lock to secure both the wheel and the frame.

Vertical Bike Racks

CycleSafe vertical bike racks for indoor or outdoor use, are perfect for bike rooms or bike cages. Or combine vertical bike racks with CycleSafe bicycle shelters for space-saving covered bike parking. Vertical bike racks are ideal for transit, corporate, military, college and university campuses, multi-family units, recreation centers, or any location where bike storage space is limited.

Vertical Bike Rack Options

Bike racks provide convenient short-term bike parking with basic security. Our heavy-duty bike U-rack resists cutting and bending and provides two-point contact to support the bike wheel and frame.

Bike lockers provide long-term bike storage with increased security. Our industry-standard CycleSafe Bike Locker is the ultimate choice when it comes to secure bike parking.

Space-saving vertical bike storage is a great solution for bike rooms and covered bike parking to keep bikes out of the weather, secure and orderly.