This vertical bike storage system is space efficient; parking the bike against the wall which opens up floor space and allows easy accessibility. FenderRack™ provides a secure, economical solution to store commuter bikes with wide fenders or “mud guards.” Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, standard finish is zinc primer black polyester powder coat or custom colors upon request.

CycleSafe’s FenderRack cradles the bike’s front wheel supporting the weight of the bike against the vertical surface, allowing the use of a cyclist’s lock to secure the frame and wheel of the bike. Common “J” hook style hangers create stress on the bike frame and do not provide security.

Simply roll the bike up to the FenderRack with the bike’s rear wheel and engage the bike on the hook to place the bike into the tire guard. This easily allows the use of a variety of locks and ability to attach cyclists’ gear.

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  • Heavy-duty ¾” square tube steel frame
  • Simple to install, hardware included
  • Durable zinc primer black polyester powder coat finish


  • 45-degree angle kit to increase access aisle widths
  • Custom TGIC polyester powder coat finishes upon request
  • Specify with CycleSafe Bike Shelter for covered parking

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