Quad Hi-Density Bike Rack

Our Quad Hi-Density Bike Rack™ is a double-tier bike rack offering space-efficient, two-tier bike parking. Easy to load, simply place bike into the innovative wheel guide and roll along the channel to secure the wheel and frame in place. Bicycles can be locked with a U-lock compatible pivot locking bar for added security. Watch the video to see how how easy it is to load and secure a bicycle.

Each double-tier bike rack allows two-tier bike parking to securely store four bicycles. The modular design allows for one- or two-sided capacity with multiple configurations to customize for any location. Quad Hi-Density double-tier bike racks are easy to assemble, and constructed with zinc primer TGIC polyester powder coat finish steel tubing and UV plastic wheel gutters for lasting durability.

With minimal moving parts, our double-tier bike rack design also increase access aisles, with less maintenance or liability concerns associated with movable tray racks. This innovative two-tier bike rack requires less lifting when the wheel is placed in the top channel rather than lifting a rack and full bike.

Space efficient with minimum clearance required above; 96 inches. Recommended aisle widths of 6 ft.; center-to-center dimensions are 18 inches. This staggered two-tier rack organizes most bikes with a user-friendly compact design.

Tiered, High-Density Bike Parking

Double-tier bike racks are the perfect multi-bike rack solution for bike rooms, or covered bike parking when combined with our commercial bike shelters. Two-tier bike parking is an ideal way to organize bikes in compact areas such as train stations, shopping centers, or campuses. Also great for law enforcement bike storage and property evidence bike racks.

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2 Tier, 4 Bike

Double Tier Bike Rack Features

  • Space efficient high capacity bike parking
  • Standard zinc primer TGIC polyester powder coat
  • Modular for many configurations
  • U-lock compatible

Double Tier Bike Rack Benefits

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Compatible with CycleSafe Bicycle Shelters
  • Accommodates most types of bikes

SKU: 18000

Hi-Density Bike Rack Loading

Watch the CycleSafe Hi-Density Bike Rack video to see how how easy it is to load and secure a bicycle.

Hi-Density Bike Rack, FrontDXFPDF
Hi-Density Bike Rack, LeftDXFPDF
Hi-Density Bike Rack, RightDXFPDF
Hi-Density Bike Rack, TopDXFPDF

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