Angled Bike Racks

CycleSafe has several options for secure angled bike parking. Angled bike racks maximize the width of bike room aisles and pedestrian or traffic lanes.

For individual bikes, we have two options: Our Bike Wall Rack is a simple, space-saving vertical storage rack allowing easy accessibility and locking of the bike frame and wheel. Our Fender Rack provides secure vertical storage for bikes with wide fenders or “mud guards.” Both of these bike racks can be installed at 90º or at 45 º.

We have two angled bike rack options for multiple bikes:

CycleSafe’s Angled Bike Stall provides secure bike parking for 4 or 8 bikes at a 45º angle. Available in post mount or strut mount, these units are available in 5′ sections and may be bolted to a concrete or asphalt surface.

Our Quad High-Density Bike Racks can be configured on a 45º angle to maximize bike room capacity and allow wider access aisles.