Bike Racks

CycleSafe commercial bike racks are designed for urban use, and built with heavy-duty materials and finishes that extend lifetime durability.

Commercial Bike Racks

CycleSafe bike parking racks provide bike parking security, stability and safety. The CycleSafe engineering team has designed a full palette of bicycle racks to compliment your site or cyclist needs with a variety of installation styles. Our commercial-grade outdoor bike racks are suitable for Class II short term bike parking to accommodate shopping centers, schools, libraries, parks and recreation centers, or locations where temporary or low security parking is required.


CycleSafe commercial bike racks provide leading edge coating technology that protects the bike and will withstand the urban environment for years to come. CycleSafe U/2 Racks are coated with a 1/8’ thick, rubberized plastisol coating over schedule 40 steel pipe for maximum corrosion and impact resistance, and protection of the bike finish. We select product materials for long lasting durability, designed for decades, not years. Our permanent bike racks also contain a percentage of recycled material. See our CycleSafe Bicycle Rack Warranty.


CycleSafe racks are designed for ease of use and security for the bike. Our racks provide more lean to support than front wheel holders or ribbon type racks which do not support the bike wheel and frame in two places. Our racks are designed for stability to maintain uniformity, which is safer for pedestrian traffic and accommodates more bicycles per square foot to increase bike parking capacity.


CycleSafe is a bicycle rack manufacturer that designs bike racks to compliment communities with a variety of solutions. We offer custom color finishes, bike racks with logos, and custom design services to enhance a location or provide way-finding signage.

Horizontal Bike Racks

Our line of horizontal bike racks meet street or pedestrian ways with a short term solution to encourage cycling while promoting safe, uniform access aisles with distinctive designs.