Tree Rack

The Bike Tree Rack is ideal for parking garages and bike rooms to maximize space efficiency. The space-saving Bike Tree Rack is vertical bike parking that allows you to park more bikes per square foot.

Includes the features of the Bike WallRack to protect the bike frame.

This vertical-mount bike rack has the option to mount to ceiling, wall or be free standing.

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  • Space efficient
  • Easy to use – simply roll the bike up into the rack
  • Secure – bike can be locked to rack with U lock, chain or cable
  • Anchor bolts and connector bolts are tamper resistant


  • Top mount, side mount, or free standing
  • Can be furnished with one bike wall rack, two wall racks opposite, three wall racks, or even four wall racks on one stand
  • Can also be outfitted with the Fender Rack


  • 10631: Top Mount
  • 10632: Side Mount
  • 10633: Free Standing

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