Bike WallRack Stand, Single-Sided, 4 Bikes
Bike WallRack Stand, Stainless Steel WallRacksBike WallRack Stand, Double-Sided, 8 BikesBike WallRack Stand, Single-Sided, 8 BikesBike WallRack Stand, Double-Sided, 24 Bikes

WallRack Stand

The WallRackâ„¢ Stand by CycleSafe is designed for spaces where there may be no wall to attach to or for use as a system that is portable or freestanding. This galvanized frame utilizes the engineering of the WallRack system to provide vertical bike storage in a 4-bike stand. Bike Wall Racks can be specified Metallic Silver to match the galvanized frame, or in an accent color of blue, red, or black.

This system is modular and can be coupled to form rows of bike parking, or extended to create a double-sided stand that will accommodate 8 bikes per section.


  • 17511: 1-Sided 4-Bike
  • 17512: 2-Sided 8-Bike
  • 17516: 1-Sided 8-Bike
  • 17514: 2-Sided 16-Bike

1-Sided 4-Bike Dimensions

1-Sided 8-Bike Dimensions

2-Sided 8-Bike Dimensions

2-Sided 16-Bike Dimensions

WallRack Stand Revit