Mass Transit Bike Parking Solutions

Mass Transit Systems Grow Light Rail and Bus Passenger Ridership with Bike and Ride Programs That Provide Convenient, Secure Bike Parking Solutions.

Mass transit systems are attracting more passengers through bike and ride initiatives that include convenient, secure transit center bike parking solutions. Bike-and-ride facilities that provide bike parking at transit hubs for two-step, multi-mode commutes are making public transportation a practical option for commuters–overcoming distance, inconvenience, and other barriers. Cleaner air, less traffic congestion, healthier lifestyles, convenient commutes, lower transportation costs, less wear and tear on (and for some urban commuters no need for) motor vehicles, make bicycling to light rail or bus transit stations an appealing choice.

They did the best job of meeting our specifications, and we’re planning on getting some more. We had a terrible experience with other locker brands, the construction was very poor, and were just trashed by vandals. With CycleSafe there have been no break-ins and are maintenance-free for our operations people. The overall ease of use is a very attractive feature for us, CycleSafe proved itself. We’re very pleased with the product and would certainly like to expand the program. Now it requires some good planning on our part to determine the best locations for additional lockers.

Jerry Kane, Planner Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA)

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Key to successfully growing ridership through bike and ride programs is ample, safe, and secure mass transit bike parking and storage. CycleSafe bike parking solutions offer a wide range of bike racks, bike lockers, bike shelters, bike corrals, and other mass transit bike storage solutions. We work with mass transit systems, transportation planners, metropolitan councils, local governments, community development groups, and others to integrate convenient, secure, cost-efficient mass transit bike parking solutions into their local and regional mass transit plans.

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Secure, Class I long-term parking bike locker

Mass Transit System Bike Lockers

CycleSafe Bicycle Lockers provide the highest security bike parking with Class I, long-term transit center bike storage with protection from theft, vandalism, and weather. Our durable, virtually indestructible bike lockers are compression molded with non-corrosive, rust free, impact resistant, structural-grade composite materials with a graffiti/UV resistant polyurethane enamel paint finish. Install secure bike lockers at light rail train stations and metro bus transit centers and stops for the proven, lowest cost of ownership over long-term use.

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Outdoor, Class II short-term parking bike rack

Mass Transit System Bike Racks

CycleSafe Bike Racks provide bike parking security, stability, and safety with Class II short-term bike parking solutions for public transportation systems. We offer a wide range of cost-efficient, attractive indoor and outdoor bike rack styles to meet your passengers’ convenience and secure bike storage needs–including vertical and two-tier bike wall racks and stands for light rail and bus transit center bike rooms. We select product materials for long lasting durability and sustainability, including leading edge-coating technology for maximum corrosion and impact resistance, designed for decades of use.

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Class II, short-term parking bike shelter for covered protection

Mass Transit System Bike Shelters

Bike shelters combine with our bike racks to meet Class II bicycle parking for four to ten bikes per unit with covered protection. Contoured, compression-molded tops facilitate runoff, and heavy-gauge steel tubing support frames protective polyester powder coat finishes. Optional wire, mesh, or Plexiglas side panels add additional protection from the elements and provide messaging options for transit system logos, signage, or graphics.

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Bike Repair Stand & Bicycle Pumps

Our bike repair stands and self-service, public bicycle pumps are perfect amenities to mass transit public transportation facilities, giving bicyclists a complete work stand and air inflation facility. Eight common bicycle tools are permanently tethered to the stand with aircraft cable for convenient on-site repairs and adjustments. They’re easy-to-use, affordable, and outdoor-rated, with durable, rugged construction to withstand the elements and resist misuse and vandalism.

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These mass transit systems are just a few of the public transportation systems that have chosen quality CycleSafe bike lockers, bike racks, and other bike parking solutions to grow light rail and bus system passenger ridership through bike and ride initiatives.

  • Caltrain – San Francisco, CA
  • Newall Metrolink, Southern California
  • King County Metrolink, Washington
  • Vancouver Translink, British Columbia, Canada
  • Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority, Washington, D.C.
  • New Jersey Transit, Newark, NJ
  • Twin Cities Metro Transit, Minneapolis, MN
  • Baltimore Regional Rail System, Baltimore. MD
  • The Rapid, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Pierce Transit, Pierce County, WA
  • Park and Ride Facility, Glendale, AZ
  • Sound Transit, Washington
  • Chicago Area METRA, Chicago, IL
  • Seattle Metro Transit Authority
  • State of Connecticut DOT
  • State of Maryland DOT
  • Rio Metro Regional Transit, New Mexico
  • Surrey County Council, United Kingdom