About CycleSafe

CycleSafe is a leader among manufacturers and suppliers of secure bike parking solutions. Founded in 1980, CycleSafe has set the standard for secure bike parking products. CycleSafe is best known for pioneering the modern bike locker and holds the first patent for bicycle storage in the US. CycleSafe is the only bicycle locker company to utilize SMC, a sheet molding composite with the strength of structural steel and impervious to rust, dents and extreme weather conditions. Today, CycleSafe offers a complete line of secure bicycle storage solutions to meet ever-changing needs of the cycling community.


CycleSafe supplies a complete line of secure bicycle parking solutions designed to provide security and convenience for users. Our products complement communities and encourage cycling with dependable products that last.


CycleSafe designs bicycle parking solutions that are dependable and that cyclists can understand how to use. Our years of experience and continued commitment to setting the standard ensure every CycleSafe product is designed with the user in mind.


With our many custom capabilities, CycleSafe products complement any community setting. Our products accent or blend with modern and historic environments with the ability to integrate logos or unique messaging to promote community image.


At CycleSafe, designing products that secure the bike and frame is goal number one. CycleSafe products are also engineered to provide unparalleled reliability with 30-plus years of proven dependability to offer facility managers and maintenance professionals peace-of-mind and reduced costs.


CycleSafe has been transforming the bicycle parking industry for more than 30 years, offering innovative engineered solutions to everyday issues in the cycling community.


CycleSafe was issued the first patent for bicycle storage and selected by the US Patent and Trademark offices in Washington, D.C. for their bike parking program. CycleSafe is the only bicycle locker company to utilize SMC, a sheet molding composite with the strength of structural steel and impervious to rust, dents or extreme weather conditions.

That is why we tested 13 different material families before picking SMC. We evaluated the costs, performance, quality, durability, and overall value to provide the best material available.

CycleSafe was the first to offer its patented locking mechanism, and continues to innovate with electronic security and key management systems.


CycleSafe is committed to continuous improvement in product design and manufacturing for a sustainable future.

Quality and Durability

As the industry quality leader, CycleSafe products offer the lowest cost of ownership of any bicycle storage system on the market. CycleSafe products are engineered for extended product life; utilizing years of research invested in quality materials/finishes to provide the very best cost solutions to meet the increasing demands for secure bicycle parking.


Utilizing the principles of Continuous Improvement, Defect Prevention, and the Reduction of Waste, CycleSafe closely documents its processes. We strive to make improvements in the way we design our products, select our materials, and manage our supplier network. The result is a product line that is created using exacting standards for quality and sustainability.


CycleSafe’s quality model is patterned after the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG). CycleSafe uses the strictest practices to ensure its products are of the highest quality, uniformity, and reliability.


CycleSafe’s manufacturers follow ISO, ANSI, EPA, UL ratings, and LEED quality and environmental standards to provide quality and conservation of resources. CycleSafe products have a 30-plus year proven product life and serve over 10 million cyclists a year. As a company we are committed to customer satisfaction and offer the longest product life in the industry.


CycleSafe serves communities in all types of markets from corporate to governmental, educational to healthcare, municipal to multi-family, transportation, or shopping centers.


CycleSafe’s full line of products is designed to meet every bike parking need. From temporary, short-term solutions with contemporary or classic bike rack designs, to the ultimate in storage with a bicycle locker to encourage long-term commuters. We accommodate virtually every bicycle parking need from space-saving vertical bike storage, Hi-Density Racks, WallRacks, or in combination with our weather protected bicycle shelters.


Beyond security, CycleSafe products are designed to meet the needs of cyclists and communities with options such as communication panels, view-thru panels, storage bins, or security options. CycleSafe lockers offer unlimited combinations through a systematic approach of locker configurations including one-sided or two-sided access double-tier capacity. Our products can be expanded, relocated, reconfigured, and retrofitted to meet site and facility needs.


CycleSafe’s bicycle parking solutions are customizable to enhance the image of communities. Our products feature custom finishes, custom graphics, advertising panels, or way-finding panels to assist with marketing a cycling program.