Classic Bike U Rack

Starting at $186.00

Standard Options: As low as $93 Per Bike Parked

Classic Inverted U Bike Racks by CycleSafe are manufactured of heavy-gauge Sch. 40 steel pipe and coated with 1/8” thick, black Plastisol rubberized coating for scratch resistance and rust protection. Accommodating two bikes per rack, this rack design is the recommended standard by the Association of Pedestrian and Bicyclists Professionals (APBP) and meets government standards for short-term bike parking.

Classic inverted U bike racks offer multiple positions to attach a lock to secure both the wheel and bike frame. CycleSafe also offers the Bike U Rack with Crossbar for additional security.

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  • Durable, maintenance-free Plastisol coating protects bikes from scratches
  • Offers bike stability, no conflict with pedestrian aisles
  • Greater bike capacity, no colliding bikes or handles
  • Classic, narrow design makes it the perfect bike rack for sidewalks and pedestrian ways

Heavy Duty Bike Rack

  • Plastisol coating on rigid metal pipe is widely used for maximum corrosion resistance in public waste water treatment plants and oil field equipment that can be subject to catastrophic damages
  • Superior resistance to corrosion where city sidewalk environmental chemicals are extreme at attacking the ordinary bike rack coating
  • Has a thickness of over 100 mils (.100 – .114) , which is more than 2X the thickness of coating most rigid metal conduit in the most demanding environments
  • This 2X added thickness resists impacts and wear and tear that would damage ordinary powder coated bike racks



  • 12700: Surface Mount
  • 12707: In-Ground Mount
Classic Bike U Rack, PlastisolDWGPDF
Classic Bike U Rack, Powder CoatDWGPDF
Classic Bike U Rack, Stainless SteelDWGPDF

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