Vintage Bike Racks

Starting at $156 Per Bike Parked

CycleSafe Vintage Racks® combine the unmatched reliability of the U rack with the charm of years past. Vintage bike racks are an outstanding short-term parking solution that looks as good as it functions.

Facility managers and cyclists appreciate the design features that provide a solid bike rack that holds the bike steady from knocking handlebars or toppling into pedestrian aisles. CycleSafe Vintage bike racks are the perfect complement to urban planners’ historic streetscapes, providing short-term bicycle parking for urban or suburban locations.

Vintage Bike Racks by CycleSafe offer leading technology with heavy gauge 1-1-2″ Schd. 40 steel pipe with Polyester zinc primer TGIC powder coat finishes electro-statically applied with a hard gloss finish, custom colors available upon request.

Minimum order of 6, depending on stock. Lead times may vary.

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  • Durable, maintenance-free TGIC powder coat finishes
  • Offers bike stability, no conflict with pedestrian aisles
  • Greater bike capacity, no colliding bikes or handles
  • Rail-Mount Bike Rack includes 3 racks for a 6-bike capacity


  • 12119: Breton, In-Ground Mount
  • 12133: Breton, Surface Mount
  • 12104: Bridge, In-Ground Mount
  • 12142: Bridge, Surface Mount
  • 12106: Cascade, In-Ground Mount
  • 12160: Cascade, Surface Mount
  • 12109: Fulton, In-Ground Mount
  • 12190: Fulton, Surface Mount
  • 12103: Greenwich, In-Ground Mount
  • 12141: Greenwich, Surface Mount
  • 12105: Lafayette, In-Ground Mount
  • 12150: Lafayette, Surface Mount
  • 12711: Madison, In-Ground Mount
  • 12130: Madison, Surface Mount
  • 12111: Paris, In-Ground Mount
  • 12193: Paris, Surface Mount
  • 12108: Pearl, In-Ground Mount
  • 12180: Pearl, Surface Mount
  • 12713: Plymouth, In-Ground Mount
  • 12140: Plymouth, Surface Mount
  • 12231: Wealthy, In-Ground Mount
  • 12131: Wealthy, Surface Mount
Vintage Bike Rack, BretonDWGPDFSketchUp
Vintage Bike Rack, BridgeDWGPDF
Vintage Bike Rack, CascadeDWGPDFSketchUp
Vintage Bike Rack, FultonDWGPDF
Vintage Bike Rack, GreenwichDWGPDFSketchUp
Vintage Bike Rack, LafayetteDWGPDF
Vintage Bike Rack, MadisonDWGPDFSketchUp
Vintage Bike Rack, ParisDWGPDFSketchUp
Vintage Bike Rack, PearlDWGPDFSketchUp
Vintage Bike Rack, PlymouthDWGPDFSketchUp
Vintage Bike Rack, RapidDWGPDFSketchUp
Vintage Bike Rack, WealthyDWGPDF

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