Octo Hi-Density Bike Rack

A follow-up to our Quad Hi-Density Bike Rack™, the OctoRack is a double-tier high density bike rack offering space-efficient, two-tier bike parking with reduced setup time. The OctoRack allows for your project’s budget and bike parking capacity to be maximized.

Our double-tier bike rack design increases access aisles while eliminating liability, vandalism, or maintenance concerns associated with movable tray racks. This horizontal two-tier bike rack requires less lifting force when the wheel is placed in the top channel rather than lifting a rack and full bike. Utilizing saddle braces, the lightweight design is rigid and will not rattle or shake. This high density staggered design keeps handlebars separated while loading and unloading.

2 Tier, 8 Bike

Cyclists are able to easily load the second tier by simply placing the bike’s front wheel into the guide-channel over the innovative pin-stop. Working as a fulcrum, the user-friendly design of CycleSafe’s two-tier rack solutions reduces the load force required by 50% as the front wheel is already being supported in the rack. Users roll the bike up the guide-channel into the cut-out which holds the bike in place, then insert a U-Lock through the ½ in. steel lock loop securing both the bike frame and rear wheel. The OctoRack has been engineered for organization, space efficiency, durability and security.

Each OctoRack allows secure parking of eight bicycles. The concentrated design allows multiple arrangements to customize for any location. Larger capacity systems can be easily created by placing racks back-to-back for dual-sided access, or side by side for extended rows. The OctoRack High-Density double-tier bike racks are easy to assemble and constructed with Zinc-Primer and TGIC Polyester Powder Coat finished steel tubing and steel wheel gutters for lasting durability indoor or out.

Space efficient with minimum clearance required above of 96 inches. Recommended aisle widths of 6 ft. between rack dimensions. Inner bikes are 22 inches on-center and outer bikes are 24 inches on-center. Tire thickness suitable: 30mm – 60mm.

This staggered two-tier high-density bike rack organizes city bikes, hybrid bicycles, and even children’s bikes with an economical compact design. No groundworks required. This rack can be left freestanding for easy rearrangement or relocation if it’s a misplaced improvement. Anchoring expansion bolts are included if mounting is desired.

Tiered, High-Density Bike Parking Made Affordable

Double-Tier bike racks are the perfect multi bike rack solution for bike rooms and parking garages, or covered bike parking when combined with our Commercial Bike Shelters. Two-tier bike parking is an ideal way to organize bikes in compact areas such as train stations, residential complexes, or campuses. Also great for law enforcement bike storage/property evidence bike racks or storage of bike fleets as spaces can be easily numbered for wayfinding or barcodes for record lookup.

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