ProPark Standard Model

CycleSafe ProPark® series is our flagship bicycle locker, offering one of the most space efficient and durable bike lockers on the market. Constructed of UL recognized structural compression-molded composite (SMC) and graffiti/UV-1 resistant coating, these tough lockers will outlast the competition. Tested to withstand level 1 hurricanes, with aerospace/automotive grade composites that measures in decades of dependability.

Each unit is comprised of two space-efficient triangular compartments with a diagonal partition to form two space efficient triangular stalls to secure one bike per door. For compact spaces, a single door unit is available to accommodate one or two bikes in a single-sided, single door rectangular unit.

ProPark’s modular design offers a wide range of models and options for access, security, and capacity to meet site and program requirements. ProPark Bike Lockers are specified as standalone starter units, or extended into locker banks with adder units.

Combine the versatility, durability and low maintenance with a 50 year design life, ProPark bicycle lockers are the best value for secure bicycle parking.

To help with planning, use our CycleSafe Bike Locker Selection Matrix.

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2 Doors
4 Doors
6 Doors


  • 1-door access yields 20 square feet of storage for 1 or 2 bikes
  • 2-door access yields 10 square feet of storage for each of 1 or 2 bikes
  • Single, stand-alone locker: 41 ½” W x 77 5/8″ L x 50 ½” H
  • Individual locker when in a bank: 38″ W x 77 ⅝” L x 50 ½” H
  • Two end panels in a bank, add 3 ½”
  • Door Opening – 30-3/4” wide x 45” height
  • Non corrosive composite materials
  • Hot compression molded SMC composite
  • High strength ribs/bosses molded structure
  • Flame resistant to UL V-1 rating
  • Built-in patented Abloy high-security locks
  • Mechanical and electronic lock options
  • Modular interlocking patented design – made in the USA
  • Re-locatable and expandable locker system
  • Adjustable-height leveling plates for mounting
  • High-security, full-length, door latch system
  • Ease of assembly – heavy-duty outdoor construction
  • UV and graffiti-resistant polyurethane finish
  • Double-Tier bike lockers for high-density parking
  • Accommodates many electric bikes and mopeds
  • Resistant to climatic conditions


  • Lower life-cycle cost
  • Contoured roof repels water or dirt
  • Extended product life span over 50 years
  • UL/ UV corrosion protection
  • Low thermal conductivity



  • 10017: 1-Door Starter
  • 10001: 2-Door Starter
  • 10019: 1-Door Adder
  • 12500: 2-Door Adder

Bike Locker Installation

Typical installation requires two man-hours per 2-bike locker, with standard carpentry tools.

How to Lock and Unlock a T-Handle Bike Locker

We demonstrate how to use the standard T-handle door lock, and how to load your bike into our CycleSafe ProPark Bike Locker.

More Bike Locker Videos

PP SM M02: ProPark Standard, 2 BikesDWGPDF
PP SM M04: ProPark Standard, 4 BikesDWGPDF
PP SM M06: ProPark Standard, 6 BikesDWGPDF
PP SM M08: ProPark Standard, 8 BikesDWGPDF
PP SM M10: ProPark Standard, 10 BikesDWGPDF
PP SM M12: ProPark Standard, 12 BikesDWGPDF
PP SM M14: ProPark Standard, 14 BikesDWGPDF
PP SM M16: ProPark Standard, 16 BikesDWGPDF
PP SM M18: ProPark Standard, 18 BikesDWGPDF
PP SM M20: ProPark Standard, 20 BikesDWGPDF
PP SM M22: ProPark Standard, 22 BikesDWGPDF
PP SM M24: ProPark Standard, 24 BikesDWGPDF

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