PowerPro GFI Power Station Door Kit

Elevate your cycling experience with the PowerPro Power Station Door Kit, an innovative GFI Outlet Accessory meticulously designed for CycleSafe’s ProPark bike lockers. Tailored to meet the charging needs of electric bikes, this comprehensive kit transforms your bike locker into a convenient charging station, ensuring that your ride is ready to roll whenever you are.

GFI charging kits are modular and can be set up for locker banks in sets of 4 bike parking/GFI outlet positions. Fusible disconnect boxes can be added to allow up to 8 positions in a bank. Multiple groups of kits can be utilized depending on available incoming power. Installation of outlets and power connection must be conducted by a licensed electrician to ensure local codes are met.

PowerPro Key Features

  1. All-Inclusive Charging Solution: The Power Station Door Kit includes everything you need for a seamless installation. From premium THHN wires in three essential colors to flexible conduit and weatherproof accessories, this kit provides a comprehensive solution for charging electric bikes.
  2. Durable Construction: Engineered with durability in mind, our kit boasts high-quality components designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor and indoor use. The 1 Gang Weatherproof outlet box, constructed with an 18.0 cu in. capacity and 2″ depth, ensures reliable protection for your electrical connections.
  3. Safety First with GFCI: Prioritize safety with the integrated 20 amp Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlet in white. This essential feature guards against electrical shocks, offering peace of mind as you power up your e-bike within the secure confines of your ProPark bike locker.
  4. Weather-Resistant Design: Whether it’s rain or shine, our Universal Waterproof Cover and additional liquid-tight accessories guarantee that your charging station remains shielded from the elements. Charge your bike worry-free, knowing that every component is designed to weather the storm.
  5. Effortless Installation: The Power Station Door Kit simplifies the installation process, allowing qualified electricians to seamlessly integrate the charging station into your ProPark bike locker. Clear and concise documentation ensures a hassle-free setup.
  6. Versatile Wiring: The kit includes color-coded THHN wires (green, black, and white) for easy identification during installation, promoting a tidy and organized electrical setup. The 10′ flexible conduit further enhances the adaptability of the system to your locker’s layout.
  7. Complete Connectivity: The kit includes a fusible disconnect breaker box, a 1/2″ liquid-tight 90-degree elbow, two 1/2″ liquid-tight adaptors, and three wire connectors. These components ensure a secure and watertight connection, enhancing the overall longevity of your charging station.

Kit Includes

Green, black, and white wire for up to 8 parking/outlet positions. Flexible conduit, clip cable ties for mounting conduit, 1 Gang Weatherproof outlet box, Waterproof cover, 20 amp GFCI, wire connectors, and liquid tight adaptors and elbows.

*Disconnect Kit includes Fusible disconnect, 1 Heyco 1/2″ liquid tight 90 degree elbow and supplemental wire for up to 8 locker doors.

Unleash the full potential of your ProPark bike locker with the PowerPro Power Station Door Kit. Stay charged, stay green, and elevate your cycling lifestyle with this cutting-edge accessory.

Installation of outlets and power connection must be conducted by a licensed electrician to ensure local codes are met.

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