ProPark Double-Tier Standard

ProPark® Double-Tier™ bike lockers are designed to maximize space efficiency to offer lower cost per square foot with twice the amount of bike parking without increasing the locker footprint.

CycleSafe’s ProPark Upper-Tier Unit mounts directly on top of the ProPark Bike Locker. Lock access is located on the lower right corner for ease of access. Simply lift the bicycle and place the rear wheel on top of the first-tier roof panel, roll the bicycle into the locker, and secure the door.

ProPark’s modular design offers bike storage capacity options to meet site and program requirements. ProPark Bike Lockers are specified as standalone starter units, or extended into locker banks with adder units. Bike locker banks with capacity for four bikes to fifty-six bikes have been assembled.

Double-Tier and Double-Sided

CycleSafe bike lockers are divided into two triangular interior compartments to allow two bikes to be parked in each locker. Each bike is accessed from a private door on one side of the locker. Our double-tier bike lockers can be accessed from either side. This combination of double-tiered and double-sided gives the CycleSafe bike locker system a higher density of bikes parked per square foot.

Other double-tier bike lockers only park one bike per locker, resulting in much lower density bike parking.

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Overall height of a CycleSafe Double-Tier Unit is approximately 101″. They are available as stand alone Starter Units or can be configured in rows with Adder Units. A retrofit kit is also available for existing CycleSafe bicycle lockers.


  • Easy to reach door handle
  • Capacity: one or two bicycles
  • One or two door operation
  • Expandable from 2 to 30 lockers
  • Extended product life span
  • Door check kit to hold the door open while loading
  • Same components as ProPark Locker
  • 10 square-foot per bike parked
  • Mechanical and electronic lock options
  • Heavy-duty outdoor rated
  • Flame-resistant to UL V-2 rating
  • UV and graffiti-resistant polyurethane finish
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • One bike track for single door


  • Lower life-cycle cost
  • Contoured roof repels water or dirt
  • Extended product life span over 50 years
  • UL/ UV corrosion protection
  • Low thermal conductivity


  • 1-Door Starter: 10031, 10017
  • 2-Door Starter: 10002, 10001
  • 1-Door Adder: 10031, 10051, 10017, 10019
  • 2-Door Adder: 10002, 10051, 10001, 12500
PP DT-SM M04: ProPark Double-Tier Standard, 4 BikesDWGPDF
PP DT-SM M08: ProPark Double-Tier Standard, 8 BikesDWGPDF
PP DT-SM M12: ProPark Double-Tier Standard, 12 BikesDWGPDF
PP DT-SM M16: ProPark Double-Tier Standard, 16 BikesDWGPDF
PP DT-SM M20: ProPark Double-Tier Standard, 20 BikesDWGPDF
PP DT-SM M24: ProPark Double-Tier Standard, 24 BikesDWGPDF
PP DT-SM M28: ProPark Double-Tier Standard, 28 BikesDWGPDF
PP DT-SM M32: ProPark Double-Tier Standard, 32 BikesDWGPDF
PP DT-SM M36: ProPark Double-Tier Standard, 36 BikesDWGPDF
PP DT-SM M40: ProPark Double-Tier Standard, 40 BikesDWGPDF
PP DT-SM M44: ProPark Double-Tier Standard, 44 BikesDWGPDF
PP DT-SM M48: ProPark Double-Tier Standard, 48 BikesDWGPDF

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