Modern Bike Racks

Starting at $156 Per Bike Parked

CycleSafe Modern Racks™ incorporate the functional design features of the Bike U Rack with Crossbar with a contemporary flair. Designed to blend in with modern streetscapes or accent traditional environments, Modern Bike Racks complement any streetscape as decorative urban art to encourage eco-friendly transportation.

Manufactured of heavy gauge Sch. 40 steel pipe with zinc primer TGIC powder coat, these racks are built to withstand urban environments. Choose from the TGIC standard or custom polyester powder coat finishes.

Minimum order of 6, depending on stock. Lead times may vary.


  • Durable, maintenance-free TGIC powder coat
  • Offers bike stability, no conflict with pedestrian aisles
  • Greater bike capacity, no colliding bikes or handles
  • Rail-Mount Bike Rack includes 3 racks for a 6-bike capacity


  • In-ground, surface, or rail mount
  • Custom zinc primer TGIC powder coat finishes


  • 12116: Beltway, In-Ground Mount
  • 12145: Beltway, Surface Mount
  • 12113: Boardwalk, In-Ground Mount
  • 12138: Boardwalk, Surface Mount
  • 12115: Centerline, In-Ground Mount
  • 12143: Centerline, Surface Mount
  • 12117: Metroline, In-Ground Mount
  • 12146: Metroline, Surface Mount
  • 12709: Pathway, In-Ground Mount
  • 12144: Pathway, Surface Mount
  • 12114: Railway, In-Ground Mount
  • 12139: Railway, Surface Mount
  • 12118: Subway, In-Ground Mount
  • 12147: Subway, Surface Mount
  • 12710: Trailway, In-Ground Mount
  • 12136: Trailway, Surface Mount
  • 12112: Tricycle, In-Ground Mount
  • 12137: Tricycle, Surface Mount
Modern Bike Racks, All ModelsRevit
Modern Bike Rack, BeltwayDWGPDFRevitSketchUp
Modern Bike Rack, BoardwalkDWGPDFRevit
Modern Bike Rack, CenterlineDWGPDFRevit
Modern Bike Rack, MetrolineDWGPDFRevit
Modern Bike Rack, PathwayDWGPDFRevit
Modern Bike Rack, RailwayDWGPDFRevit
Modern Bike Rack, SubwayDWGPDFRevit
Modern Bike Rack, TrailwayDWGPDFRevit
Modern Bike Rack, TricycleDWGPDFRevit

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