ProPark View-Thru

CycleSafe ProPark® View-Thru™ bike locker combines the Door-View door (11” x 11”) and Side-View side (23” x 60”) features shatterproof, weatherproof, polycarbonate panels that provide visibility into locker contents for security and locker availability. This model includes an interior clear polycarbonate partition which allows visibility through a full row of lockers.

ProPark View-Thru Units are available as a stand alone bike locker or extended into rows with Adder Units. Each unit can accommodate one or two bikes and can be specified as a single sided door option for limited access.

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  • Capacity of one or two bicycles
  • Patented design
  • Expandable from 2 to 30 lockers
  • Extended product life span
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Simple components for easy installation
  • Relocatable and expandable
  • Adjustable-height leveling plates for mounting
  • Compression-molded SMC components
  • High-strength molded rib structure
  • 10 square-foot area per bike parked
  • High-security, full-length, door latch system
  • Built-in patented high-security locks
  • Mechanical and electronic lock options
  • Flame-resistant to UL V-2 rating
  • UV and graffiti-resistant polyurethane finish
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Can be double stacked for high density parking
  • Can accommodate many electric bikes and mopeds
  • One bike track for single door


  • 10043: 1-Door Starter
  • 10007: 2-Door Starter
  • 10045: 1-Door Adder
  • 10056: 2-Door Adder
PP VT M02: ProPark View-Thru, 2 BikesDWGPDF
PP VT M04: ProPark View-Thru, 4 BikesDWGPDF
PP VT M06: ProPark View-Thru, 6 BikesDWGPDF
PP VT M08: ProPark View-Thru, 8 BikesDWGPDF
PP VT M10: ProPark View-Thru, 10 BikesDWGPDF
PP VT M12: ProPark View-Thru, 12 BikesDWGPDF
PP VT M14: ProPark View-Thru, 14 BikesDWGPDF
PP VT M16: ProPark View-Thru, 16 BikesDWGPDF
PP VT M18: ProPark View-Thru, 18 BikesDWGPDF
PP VT M20: ProPark View-Thru, 20 BikesDWGPDF
PP VT M22: ProPark View-Thru, 22 BikesDWGPDF
PP VT M24: ProPark View-Thru, 24 BikesDWGPDF

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