Bike Lockers Provide Corporate & Community Benefits

More employees are turning to bicycles as an alternative form of transportation, discovering the benefits of fitness and reduced stress levels. Meanwhile corporations are benefitting from increased employee performance. These benefits extend not only to the employees, but to the community as well. The installation of CycleSafe lockers encourages bike commuting as a healthy lifestyle, reduces traffic congestion and air pollution while contributing to LEED certification with credits towards site sustainability.

Employers can promote the lockers as an employee “green” benefit and employees are eager to participate knowing they have secure, end-of-trip lockers to protect their bicycle from theft, damage or inclement weather. Facility Managers encourage bike programs with organized and secure storage to keep the equipment outside of the building. Corporations choose CycleSafe lockers over the competition for the low maintenance lockers that are durable, vandal-proof and graffiti resistant.

Employee bike commuter using secure bike locker

To support its environmental efforts and to meet city regulations, Bayer Corporation installed bicycle lockers at its Berkeley, Calif. facility. The company first selected less expensive lockers but the substandard product and service eventually led high maintenance costs. Bayer is very pleased with the installation of CycleSafe lockers.

Bayer Director of Site Development and Community Relations Maya Hiersoux said the company selected CycleSafe lockers because of the “quality of their product, their reputation and their warranty.” Hiersoux administers the lockers and reported favorable employee response. “The lockers are almost always rented to full capacity,” she said.

CycleSafe lockers enable Bayer to create a bicycle friendly environment. Employees are not allowed to bring bikes into the building so “it is nice to be able to offer them the lockers,” Hiersoux said. The bike lockers have increased the number of bike commuters on Bayer’s campus. Many employees who rode only occasionally to work and were concerned about their bikes rusting in the Bay area elements now ride more regularly, knowing their bikes are protected from the rain and sun.

Bayer Manager of Security Bill Greulich is one of the bike commuters who now rides every day to work because of the CycleSafe lockers. He stated biking to work has had a positive effect on his health and overall performance on the job. “Commuting to work is a primary piece of my long range fitness goals and my ride home is a stress reliever.”

Residents who live near Bayer’s 32-acre site have also benefited from the installation of CycleSafe lockers because of the reduction in air pollution and congestion in the area, according to Hiersoux. Bayer Engineer Ed Reyes likes the durable materials used to make CycleSafe lockers and commends them for the security, reliability, weather resistance and ease in administering them.

Many employees of Lockheed Martin Corporation’s Sunnyvale, Calif. campus commute to work every day, an ideal corporate campus location for commuters located near transit and bus lines. Lockheed Martin wanted to encourage cycling to work and to provide secure and durable storage to those commuters. CycleSafe lockers were purchased and installed as a transit connection and employee benefit.

Lockheed Martin’s architectural group performed a comprehensive analysis of bike parking systems and carefully studied features and benefits of different brands of lockers, particularly maintenance and durability. Material selection was a key consideration.

Lockheed Martin chose CycleSafe lockers for the manufacturing quality and materials used with the lowest life cycle costs. “CycleSafe was able to provide high durability with low maintenance,” said one company official. CycleSafe came up with a customized solution for Lockheed Martin – a single sided access locker designed to accommodate various areas of installation. The single-sided access systems provided the same benefits of durability and long product life at a low cost.

VF Outdoor Inc., a California-based marketer of outdoor apparel, footwear and equipment, needed secure bike parking to protect bikes from vandalism. VF Outdoor provided bike lockers as an employee benefit to encourage bicycle commuting. The company chose CycleSafe lockers because the materials proved to be the most durable and vandal resistant. VF Outdoor officials also commended the drill resistance of the locking system of CycleSafe lockers. Employees appreciate that they can now safely commute by bike with secure end-of-trip facilities.

Eli Lilly Corporation of Indianapolis participated in a Bike to Work Day that featured CycleSafe bicycle lockers. Employees admired the bike lockers at the event encouraged facility managers to provide bicycle lockers on its corporate campus. The lockers were installed and also help Eli Lilly promote green initiatives and emphasize employee wellness and healthy lifestyles. Eli Lilly has made several purchases of CycleSafe lockers as well as bicycle racks. The lockers are provided by Eli Lilly and are administered by an internal Lotus-based reservation system the Eli Lilly Cycling Club manages.

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