Bike Month

League of American Bicyclists presents Bike Month

May is here, and that means it’s National Bike Month—a time to celebrate the joy and benefits of cycling.

As we Michiganders dust off our bikes and hit the streets after a long, cold winter, CycleSafe is proud to be a part of a global movement toward a more bike-friendly world.

Let’s explore how you can get involved and make a difference, this month and in the future.

Bicyclists riding in bike lane

During Bike Month, there are numerous ways to get involved and make a difference. One simple way is to commit to biking for short trips under 3 miles instead of driving. Whether it’s a quick run to the grocery store or meeting up with friends for coffee, opting for your bike instead of your car can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and increase your daily physical activity.

Bike to Work Week

In 2024, Bike to Work Week will be celebrated May 13-19, with Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 17, 2024. This is a fantastic opportunity to join the millions of commuters worldwide who choose to bike to work. By participating in this event, not only do you promote a healthier and more eco-friendly mode of transportation, you also experience firsthand the joys of biking to work, including reduced stress and increased productivity throughout the day.

Join the League of American Bicyclists

The League of American Bicyclists

From advocating for bike-friendly policies to protecting cyclists’ rights, the League of American Bicyclists empowers individuals to take action at all levels of government. Whether it’s lobbying Congress for funding or supporting local advocacy campaigns, the League serves as a vital resource for cyclists across the U.S.

By staying informed about the latest advocacy program updates and participating in events like the National Bike Summit and Bike to Work Week, you can contribute to a more bike-friendly future. With the League’s support and guidance, you can learn how to navigate and influence state bike laws, secure funding for bike infrastructure projects, and engage diverse stakeholders in your community to promote cycling as a safe and accessible mode of transportation.

National Bike Summit

Behavior Change at Scale

Randy Neufeld, a global expert and a leading advocate for bike infrastructure, has formed GoodForUs.Org to encourage behavior change at scale. While organizations like The League of American Bicyclists continue to advance policy and infrastructure change to create a better environment for active mobility, GoodForUs.Org will partner with existing organizations to help their members thrive in the current environment with a national benefits package, a platform for local mobility co-ops, and a measurement tool to track progress and quantify impact. The organization is seeking encouragement from people who share the vision of a world with less driving and more active mobility.

Biking For Your Health

biking for health in city

Biking also offers numerous health benefits for individuals. Cycling is a low-impact exercise that provides a full-body workout, engaging muscles in the legs, core, and arms. Regular biking can improve cardiovascular health, strengthen muscles, and enhance flexibility and coordination. Moreover, cycling outdoors exposes riders to fresh air and natural sunlight, which can boost mood and mental well-being.

By incorporating cycling into your daily routine, whether it’s for commuting, recreation, or
exercise, you not only contribute to a healthier planet but also prioritize your own physical and mental health.

Grab your helmet, hop on your bike, and pedal your way to better health, and even a longer lifespan during National Bike Month and beyond.