Reduce Your Parking Lot Footprint with Bike Lockers

Bike Locker vs Car Parking Spot Footprint

The Parking Lot Diet More companies are providing secure bike parking for their employees. Biking to work promotes¬†alternative transportation and an active lifestyle for healthy employees. Parking lots can be smaller, or fit more commuters, if bike lockers are provided. Space Required for 120 Cars vs 120 Bikes Shown above, replacing 120 car parking spaces,…

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Richard Hartger, CEO of CycleSafe, on Movatic Access for Bike Lockers

ProPark Bike Locker, Oak Ridge Station, Translink

As leaders of innovation and security in the bike locker industry, CEO of CycleSafe, Richard Hartger, talks about its strategic partnership with Movatic to offer electronic access to bike lockers, the most advanced solution for bike lockers on the market. Movatic-powered lockers will allow cyclists to find, unlock, rent and pay for their bike locker…

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Bike WallRacks at Wesleyan University

Bike Room with Bike Wall Racks at Wesleyan University

Prior to this academic year, Wesleyan University often had more students enrolled than on-campus housing could accommodate. In an effort to remedy this situation, the University implemented a master plan initiative in 2004 which included additional housing to encourage students to live on site. The new Fauver Halls, named for their location on the University‚Äôs…

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Agency Collaboration Selects Bicycle Lockers Over Bicycle Cages

Electronic Access Bike Locker

As communities continue to evolve, many organizations and cities are focused on identifying ways to support the movements of sustainability and alternative transportation. Currently, one of the most popular forms of alternative transportation is bicycling. Without a doubt, most everyone knows the benefits of cycling include a healthier lifestyle, fewer emissions, and lower stress levels,…

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Innovations in Bike Parking Encourage More Cyclists

ProPark Bike Locker, Santa Fe Rail Station

More people on bikes is a good thing, right? Well, bike advocates know that certain key pieces are particularly effective in encouraging more people to take up cycling. In addition to educational programs for cyclists and drivers alike and installing more bike lanes, secure bicycle parking is an important element to offer the cyclist peace…

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