CycleSafe at One World Trade Center in New York City

One World Trade Center, New York City

During the development of the One World Trade Center, it became apparent that there would not be enough available parking throughout the site. Recognizing New York City’s substantial cycling community, The Durst Organization seized an opportunity to provide a secure way for people to park their bikes. This initiative not only reinforced their dedication to environmental sustainability by promoting cycling as a commuting option but also offered building tenants a unique amenity, setting the building apart from others in the vicinity.

This is where Durst looked to CycleSafe.

Originally built as a single-tiered but converted to double-tiered because of its popularity with employees, CycleSafe’s EcoPark lockers have been a valuable asset to the One World Trade Center since 2015. Due to their ease of expansion, long lifespan, and unique features, CycleSafe lockers have made commuting to work straightforward and more accessible.

Features of EcoPark Lockers

The EcoPark Series bike locker offers the quality features of our flagship ProPark bike locker series with a reduced footprint. When analyzing the expansion potential, reduced maintenance expense, and estimated more-than-25-year design life, the EcoPark series provided great value, and for Durst, the choice to have CycleSafe’s EcoPark Lockers in the One World Trade Center was a clear win for their project.

Each space-efficient unit in their project now consists of two triangular stalls, forming a space-reduced, two-door, two-bike unit, or a one-door rectangular unit that can be specified as accommodating one or two bikes. Durst’s project utilized our product’s unique ability of adding an additional door to our single sided lockers. This allows flexibility if program demands or the building’s management decides a change needs to be made, allowing for the continued success of the project to meet the needs of the city’s commuters and building management.

Perhaps most unique to this project is the polycarbonate window that allows commuters to see when a locker is in use. When the lockers were originally positioned outside of the building, this allowed security to immediately see what was in the locker, a necessity in a post-9/11 world. Now that the lockers have moved into one of the lower levels of the One World Trade Center, not only do those extra security measures remain, but commuters also have the convenience of seeing clearly when a locker is or is not in use.

The Success of the One World Trade Center Project

CycleSafe and Durst worked hand in hand with the property management of the One World Trade Center to ensure that the bike lockers met short- and long-term goals for managing bike parking needs. CycleSafe provided the lockers, assisted with matching an installation partner, and set their on-site team up for success to provide their own management services. Users rent spaces through Durst’s on-site management team, and receive a key for their dedicated locker. Their EcoPark lockers were customized with Abloy locks that provide top of line security, emphasizing the desire to offer commuters ultimate peace of mind when parking their bikes.

CycleSafe helped property management at Durst identify that they needed a long-term bike parking system that could have updates and expansion as the needs of the building and tenants matured. Our modular and easily expanded bike parking systems allowed our sales and engineering team to come up with a four-phase proposal that laid out a roadmap for their program. From the original install in 2015 with 24 parking positions in single sided lockers, their program grew to 48 in 2017 by adding an additional door and center partition to their existing units, and finally is at over 96 spaces today from their 2020 addition of double tier, two door units.

Choose Bike Lockers from CycleSafe

This process of expansion for the One World Trade Center was something that was in the works for over five years and was successful because of our unique consultative sales process where we partner with our customers to identify the best fit for their needs. Our team of bike locker specialists is ready to help you plan for your bike parking program, at any phase of your project.

If you’re wanting to talk to someone about the needs of your next project, or you’re looking for a quote on bike lockers for your space, reach out to us today. We’re here to help.

Bike Lockers at One World Trade Center