CycleSafe: Elevating Campuses with Sustainable Transportation

The sustainable transportation movement is a growing trend on college campuses, as both universities and students realize the benefits of a bicycle-friendly community.

Bicycling provides a convenient and efficient means of travel, plus it is eco-friendly and affordable. It creates community, encourages class attendance, and reduces barriers like cost and time associated with driving or catching the bus.

Cycling also promotes a healthy lifestyle, independence, and resilience. No car? No problem. Hop on a bike and enjoy the scenery while riding to class, the library, or an on-campus job.

Colleges across the nation continue to invest in bicycle-friendly environments and promote alternative transportation as a way to get around. CycleSafe’s innovative solutions address the diverse needs of bicycle parking and security on college campuses.

Michigan State Promotes Cycling

MSU Bikes, bike room wallrack
Tim Potter, alternative transportation director and runs MSU Bikes, parks a bike in a CycleSafe WallRack located in one of the residential hall’s bike rooms.

Michigan State University has a long history of promoting alternative transportation as a way to get around campus. Founded in 1894, the MSU Cycling Club contributed to the first gravel path for bikes and continues to have an active club on campus.

That led to safe bike paths being integrated into all new campus roadways. In more recent years, trailheads that lead out of campus have improved routes for student commuters and other campus visitors. In 2006, the MSU Bikes Service Center was founded.

The university has been a nationwide leader in reducing transportation barriers for students going to and from class or work and creating a better-connected campus.

Michigan State achieved Gold status as a Bicycle-Friendly University from the League of
American Bicyclists. In 2021, MSU was the first university in Michigan to earn Gold status, a distinction it has worked toward since 2011.

The designation involved a wide range of efforts and investments in infrastructure and education. MSU officials looked to the Bicycle-Friendly America program offered by the League of American Bicyclists as a roadmap.

Tim Potter, Sustainable Transportation Manager at MSU Bikes, helped establish the college division of the Bicycle-Friendly America program.

MSU’s “put students first” motto focused on infrastructure, education, and advocacy for bicycling. Other efforts included:

  • More bike counters around campus to monitor where additional infrastructure is needed
  • New bike cages, stations for bike repair and tire inflation, and bike lane separators
  • Upgraded bike parking facilities
  • Designated bike paths along the river trail
  • Trailheads that lead out of campus and connect bike routes beyond campus

The university also supports Complete Streets policies that ensure roads are designed with sidewalks, crosswalks, and bike lanes.

MSU continues to research and test sustainable modes of transportation, serving as a mobility lab in action. MSU Mobility is a research collective dedicated to interdisciplinary studies of mobility. Staff and students participate in mobility research and help advance the university’s commitment to bicycle-friendly initiatives.

Students Desire Easy Transportation

Bicycling has a myriad of benefits for students and faculty who live on campus or within a few miles.

With transportation costs on the rise, bicycling is an affordable and healthy way to cruise around campus.

Benefits of bicycling:

  • Saves gas and transportation costs
  • Quicker than walking
  • No circling around crowded parking lots
  • Reduces fees for parking, bus passes
  • Connect with nature, campus community
  • Encourages healthy, active lifestyle
  • No phone zone
  • Environmentally friendly

Many students who move away from home to attend college do not have a car or cannot afford one. Bringing a bicycle to campus makes financial sense and encourages student engagement.

With a bicycle, students can quickly navigate across campus, saving valuable time that can be better spent on studying or other activities.

CycleSafe’s Solutions

Many colleges and universities want to create a bicycle-friendly environment, but finding a starting point can be challenging.

Adding bike lanes and signage takes comprehensive planning and dedicated resources. But simple measures such as ample bicycle parking, secure bike racks, and repair stations can go a long way to increase accessibility and demonstrate a commitment to cyclists.

CycleSafe offers innovative and cost-effective solutions to address the diverse needs of bicycle parking and security on college campuses.

Bicycle Lockers

CycleSafe’s bicycle lockers set the standard for campus bike security, protecting bicycles from theft, vandalism, and weather.

  • Crafted from modern, structural-grade composite materials
  • Non-corrosive, rust-free, and impact-resistant.
  • Special polyurethane enamel paint finish protects against graffiti and UV-fading

The University of Washington has been a customer since 1981, placing 240 lockers across campus, and attests to the lockers’ construction and security.

ProPark Bike Locker, Grand Valley State University

Bicycle Racks

For short-term parking needs, CycleSafe’s outdoor bike racks provide secure, stable, and safe Class II parking.

  • Available in a variety of installation styles
  • Stylish design to complement campus landscapes while meeting cyclists’ convenience and security needs
  • Made with durable materials and coated with advanced technology for corrosion and impact resistance

CycleSafe’s bike racks ensure longevity and protection for bikes kept outdoors. Our lines of indoor bike racks can be used in campus bike rooms.

Outdoor, Class II short-term parking bike rack on university campus

Bike Shelters

CycleSafe’s bike shelters offer on-demand Class 2 parking with covered protection for four to ten bikes per unit.

  • Compression-molded tops for effective runoff
  • Frames made from heavy gauge steel tubing with a polyester powder coat finish for durability
  • Side panels are available with plexiglass for additional protection from the elements and allows options for signage or graphic panels

The bike shelters provide additional protection from the elements and can be customized with college signage or promotional graphics.

Class II, short-term parking bike shelter on university campus

Bike Room Racks

CycleSafe’s indoor bike racks and accessories are a great option for bike rooms or storage rooms without walls to hang a bike vertically.

  • Versatile, convenient, secure bike parking and bike storage solutions for indoors
  • Quad Hi-Density Bike Rack offers space-efficient, two-tier bike parking
  • Original WallRack vertically secures bike and frees up floor space
  • WallRack Stand provides vertical bike storage in a 4-bike stand in spaces without a wall

CycleSafe has created a full line of storage solutions for Bike Rooms that can be customized to the space to optimize indoor bike parking.

CycleSafe Hi-Density Bike Rack

Bike Repair Equipment

To complete the cycling infrastructure, CycleSafe provides bike repair stands and self-service bicycle pumps. These stations offer cyclists a convenient place to make repairs and adjustments.

  • Eight common bicycle tools securely tethered to the stand
  • Bicycle pumps make it quick and easy to add air on the go
  • Outdoor-rated construction holds up against the elements and vandalism

Students often have limited space and budgets. They may not have many tools or a way to take their bicycle to a repair shop. Or they may need a little air in a tire to get back on the road. These repair stations offer convenience, save time and money, and support a cycling-friendly environment.

Public Bike Repair Stand with Bike Pump

CycleSafe can help transform your institution into a model of sustainable transportation and safety. We create solutions for colleges and universities looking to promote cycling, enhance cycling infrastructure, and improve access for students.

Reach out to us today to explore how our comprehensive bike parking and security solutions can benefit your campus. Let’s work together to create a greener, more bicycle-friendly environment for your community and enhance students’ biking experiences. Contact CycleSafe now to get started.