CycleSafe Bike Lockers in Denver, Colorado

Cities nationwide are exploring methods to promote cycling as a transportation option, and Denver, Colorado’s Regional Transportation District (RTD) has taken a proactive approach by providing “smart” lockers for bikes. Located on the A Line in Central Park station are eight lockers that can even fit cargo bikes due to the lockers’ configuration and modularity. With the first 48 hours free for users and access available through the Bluetooth-powered app, Movatic, on a smartphone, storing your bike has never been simpler.

Unique Features

Having reliable, secure bike storage available at transportation hubs closes the first mile – last mile challenge for RTD riders. Furthermore, the unique modularity and configuration capabilities of ProPark lockers also allow RTD to offer secure bike parking to more users, including those with longer wheelbases such as cargo bikes.

Our ProPark Bike Locker Banks offer an expandable and reconfigurable bicycle parking capacity. Working similarly to Legos, ProPark Bike Lockers can be extended into banks of two, three, four, or even up to twenty lockers. Combining versatility, durability, and low maintenance with a 50-year design life, ProPark bicycle lockers are the best value for secure bicycle parking. RTD has leveraged the ProParks adaptability by removing two of the interior side walls to allow for cargo bikes to fit. This adaptive configuration is available to anyone who already utilizes ProPark lockers in their bike parking systems and allows managers to diversify parking types available for cargo, extended wheelbase, and recumbent bikes.

Cargo Bike Locker
Cargo Bike Locker

The lockers in Denver are not only extremely versatile, but they are also easily accessible. With CycleSafe’s Bluetooth Cellular Access Bike Lockers, secure bicycle parking is powered by the rider’s smartphone. Booking, billing, renting, and reserving are all built into the Movatic platform, making access as easy as booking a ride from Uber. For admins, the cloud-based admin portal also handles all of the back-end troubleshooting and reporting, allowing your management team to administer the system from anywhere. This process is extremely user-friendly for both the rider and management team, as it removes the antiquated process of handing out a physical key or handling deposits.

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In today’s fast-paced world, efficient city transportation is essential. CycleSafe steps in to meet this need, especially in places like Denver, where the integration of ProPark lockers and Bluetooth app enabled technology is revolutionizing bike travel. With CycleSafe, you get access to versatile, secure lockers that riders can count on, and also enhances your community’s access to more mobility platforms. These lockers, designed for convenience and ease of use, are not just a storage solution but a testament to our commitment to making cycling a hassle-free part of urban life. By choosing CycleSafe, you’re encouraging alternative transportation and providing bicycle security your riders can count on.

Embrace the convenience of CycleSafe and join the movement towards a more bike-friendly city. Contact us today to learn more about using CycleSafe’s simple, strong, and secure bike lockers in your next project.