Cargo Bike Locker
Cargo Bike Locker with Cutaway Showing PartitionCargo Bike LockerCargo Bike LockerCycleSafe ProPark Bike Locker with Display Panel, Toronto, CAFiberglass composite bike locker for added securityExtended Cargo BikeCargo Bike Locker, Top ViewCargo Bike Locker, Top View

Cargo Bike Locker

Today’s bikes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, just like the people who ride them. CycleSafe has designed a variation of a ProPark bike locker to meet the needs of longer wheelbase extension bikes, cargo bikes and recumbent bikes. Available in 3-unit locker modules to accommodate 2 extension bikes and 2 standard bikes in individual storage lockers. Bicycle parking units are modular and can be expanded in rows to accommodate additional bike capacity.

The extension bike lockers have one operating lockable door with the opposite door as a fixed rear panel. Each extension unit is composed of two triangular stalls combined by removing the interior side panel of the adjacent locker to create a parallelogram stall for longer bikes or multiple standard bikes. End units are triangular stalls for standard bikes.

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  • Allows storage for a variety of bikes: Extension bikes, recumbent bikes.
  • Modular for expansion, can be relocated as needs change.
  • Existing lockers can be retrofitted to become extension bike lockers.
  • Extension Bike Lockers can be easily converted back to the regular floor plan at anytime.
  • More affordable than providing more bike parking in cages and bike rooms which have to be maintained at a higher cost.
  • Bike lockers are more easily relocated at lower risk than bike stations and rooms.
  • Mechanical and electronic lock options
  • With Electronic Access, cyclists could rent the Extension Bike Locker at double the regular locker rate and get twice the bike-parking footprint.

Cargo Bike Locker Dimensions