Bicycle Storage for Police Stations

When it comes to bike parking at police departments, options for storage are best understood by analyzing department needs. Space-saving bike storage for impounded bicycles is imperative for organization and record keeping, as is secure, easily-accessible storage for law enforcement bicycle fleets.

Storage for Impounded Bikes

The better evidence is organized and secured, the better officers can perform their job: to protect and serve citizens. CycleSafe’s High-Density Bike Storage Racks and Bike Wall Racks have been the go-to for storing impounded, abandoned or stolen bicycles in evidence rooms.

High-Density Bike Storage

Law enforcement agencies often do not have excess storage space. CycleSafe helps police departments and other public safety offices create high-density bike storage systems tailored to their facilities. Our QuadRack and OctoRack are great options to achieve double-tier, high-density bike storage that also allows for maneuverability in the space.

High-Density Bike Rack at Police Station

Bike Wall Racks

Vertical storage utilizing our WallRacks is another great option for bike rooms housing impounded bicycles. WallRack Stands can be supplemented in the center of the room, allowing more parking without the need to construct additional walls. Fat Tire WallRacks are also available for flexible bike parking to accommodate wider mountain bike tires, fat tire bikes, and classic-width road tires.

Police Impound Bike Room with Bike Wall Racks
2-Sided Bike Wall Rack Stand

Storage for Police Fleet Bikes

Improved community relations, cost savings, stealth, maneuverability, and environmental benefits are some of the reasons police departments are putting officers on bikes.

With the increasing popularity of patrol bikes, and the increasing pressure to shrink square footage to store bikes, CycleSafe has best-in-class solutions that meet the needs of facility managers as well as officers.

Bike Lockers

Bicycle lockers are a great solution for the secure storage of police bikes and on-bike gear. Bicycle storage lockers provide the highest-security long-term bike parking with protection from theft, vandalism, and inclement weather.

Bike lockers can be installed outdoors, eliminating the need to use valuable indoor space for a bike room.

Single bike lockers securely store two bikes, available in single and two-door models. Bike Locker Banks are modular, allowing them to be expanded or relocated at any time. This flexibility gives stations the ability to modify the number of parking spaces as the program grows or rearrange the configuration as needed.

Just like the public, police departments are increasingly turning to electric bikes to help power their officers’ patrols. CycleSafe locker compartments fit electric bikes and can be outfitted with GFI outlets for a fully integrated secure electric bike charging station.

Bike Locker for Police Fleet Bike, Custom Color
Double-Tier Door-View Bike Locker for Police Fleet Bike, Custom Color

Bike Rooms

An indoor bike room is also a great option for storing police fleet bikes. Bike rooms are highly versatile and are best designed with vertical bike storage or double-tier high-density bike storage. Additional support accessories are also available to meet officer bike repair and maintenance needs. Bike Pumps and Bike Repair Stands offer every tool that an officer would need to maintain their bike. WallRack Tire Guard Plates are a perfect solution for keeping wheels from marking up walls in your bike rooms, ensuring that each parking space is clearly defined while also keeping the area looking great for years to come.

Bike Room for Police Fleet Bikes

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