High-Density Bike Parking & Storage

High-Density Bike Rack at Police Station

With space at a premium, architects, facility owners and managers are looking for quality high-density bike parking options. High-density, two-tier bike racks are ideal options for covered or protected spaces, such as bike rooms, parking garages, and bike shelters. Bicycle lockers offer the best in security and protection in both exposed and sheltered sites, and can be stacked to maximize space and capacity. Many properties now feature a combination of both high-density racks and bicycle lockers.

This article details various factors to evaluate when choosing high-density bike racks and lockers, and highlights the benefits of CycleSafe’s high-density bike parking and storage solutions.

Two-Tier Bike Racks

Two-tiered bike racks can double the number of bike parking spots in a given area. These high-density bike racks can create functional, secure bike parking while increasing bike parking capacity within a given space.

When evaluating high-density, two-tier bike racks, here are some factors to consider:

Freestanding Flexibility

It is important to know whether the high-density bike racks you’re considering need to be anchored to a wall or floor. Freestanding high-density bike racks give you the most flexibility in terms of bike room configuration. Optional anchoring designs are a plus.

Staggered Rack Heights Increase Density

When considering two-tier bike racks, look for bike racks with staggered rack heights. Staggered rack heights help ensure handlebars don’t collide while allowing bikes to be stored more closely together.

Fixed or Moveable Tray Racks

Some high-density bike racks use moveable trays to load bikes into the upper racks. While this may seem novel, they can require a heavier lift to load the top ra to lift both the bike and the tray. On the other hand, fixed rack channels offer a lighter lift, reduced aisle widths, and fewer maintenance and liability concerns.

Multiple Securing Options

High-density bike racks should be designed to accommodate a diverse set of bike styles and sizes. High-density bike racks should have multiple points at which bikes can be secured.

Vertical Clearance

The height of a high-density bike racks can vary, make sure to allow for ceiling clearance. A minimum of 8 feet ceiling clearance is recommended. Required operating clearance can limit the number of potential bike storage locations and bike room configuration.

Modular Design

To allow for future expansion and varying room configurations, a high-density rack should be flexible. Two-tier bike racks should be modular in design so they can be easily and securely placed side-by-side, back-to-back, against walls, or in the middle of the room.

CycleSafe Two-Tiered High-Density Bike Racks

Quad Hi-Density Bike Rack

CycleSafe Hi-Density Bike Rack


  • Each Quad-Rack™ allows double-tier parking for four bicycles
  • Modular design allows for one- or two-sided capacity and multiple configurations
  • Staggered rack heights allow high-density, racks are 18 inches on center
  • Fixed rack channels mean few moving parts, a light lift, and reduced maintenance and liability concerns
  • Minimum operating clearance required above, 96 inches
  • Pivot locking bar and numerous securing points along each rack channel
  • Freestanding, with anchoring options
  • Compatible with CycleSafe bicycle shelters

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Octo Hi-Density Bike Rack

Octo Hi-Density Bike Rack
OctoRack Hi-Density Bike Rack


  • Designed for use in covered spaces in numerous settings, including commercial garages, multi-family living, corporations, shopping centers, and educational campuses
  • Room to spare in an 8-foot high bike room: 96 inches operating clearance height means the OctoRack™ can fit easily in more spaces
  • Fixed rack channels lighten the lift while minimizing maintenance and space and liability concerns associated with moveable bike trays
  • Freestanding 8-bicycle rack with anchoring options
  • Fixed lock bar with numerous holes along the guide channel to accommodate standard U-locks and cable locks for a variety of bike sizes
  • Guide channels are suitable for 30mm – 60mm tire thickness
  • Multiple securing options for multiple bike sizes

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Two-Tier Bike Lockers

Banks of two-tier bike lockers create high-density, highly secure bike parking within a small footprint. These banks of tiered bike lockers can be placed in both exposed and sheltered areas.

ProPark Double-Tier Bike Locker Bank at Moffett Towers, Sunnyvale California. Custom Color: Metallic Silver. Capacity: 56 Bikes.
Two-tier, two sided bike lockers create high-density secure bike parking. In the installation above, 56 bikes can be stored within the footprint of 14 lockers.

CycleSafe Two-Tiered High-Density Bike Lockers

ProPark® Double-Tier™ bike lockers are designed to yield high-density bike parking while offering a lower cost per square foot, twice the amount of bike parking without increasing the locker footprint. CycleSafe’s ProPark upper-tier unit mounts directly on top of the ProPark bike locker. Lock access is located on the lower right corner for ease of access. Simply lift the bicycle and place the rear wheel on top of the first-tier roof panel, roll the bicycle into the locker, and secure the door. ProPark’s modular design offers bike storage capacity options to meet site and program requirements.

Modular Design Means More Bikes in Less Space

CycleSafe’s bike lockers are modular by design. This modularity means CycleSafe bike lockers are not merely placed next to or on top of each other. Instead, banks and tiers of lockers have shared, integrated components that create a smaller footprint, strengthen the overall structure and channel water and other elements away from the lockers.

Double-Tier and Double-Sided

Two Bikes in One Locker

ProPark Double-Tier Bike Lockers, with Doors Open

Each locker is divided into two triangular interior compartments to allow two bikes to be parked in each locker. Each bike is accessed from a private door on one side of the locker. This combination of double-tiered and double-sided gives the CycleSafe bike locker system a higher density of bikes parked per square foot. Other double-tier bike lockers only park one bike per locker, resulting in much lower density bike parking.

High Density and High Security

CycleSafe lockers are permanently anchored and lockable for maximum security, with a number of lock types available. Choose from key access with T-handle or ADA slam latch, or allow cyclists to secure the lockers with their own padlock or U-lock.

CycleSafe’s Bluetooth cellular option allows users to access bike lockers using their smartphones. Keypad lockers feature a programmable push button keypad with keyed access. Keypad + WiFi allows remote operation via WiFi and keycode, while the Keypad + WiFi + RFID option includes RFID proximity card or fob reader with keycode operation.

Designed for a Lifetime

CycleSafe is the only bike locker manufacturer to utilize fiberglass sheet molded compound (SMC) technology. SMC offers the structural strength of steel with 30% less weight, has a high surface hardness, and is UV and fire-resistant. Our high-strength, compression-molded structural composite fiberglass produces a virtually indestructible product with a life span measured in decades, not years. Combine versatility, durability and low maintenance with a 50-year design life, and ProPark bicycle lockers are the best value for high-density secure bicycle parking.

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