Bike Lockers with a 40+ year lifespan — what’s the secret sauce? Fiberglass SMC

CycleSafe is the ONLY bike locker manufacturer to utilize Fiberglass Sheet Moulded Compound (SMC) technology.

After testing over 13 families of materials, CycleSafe chose Fiberglass SMC for its unmatched durability and strength. Composed of glass fibers and a custom specified blend of resin paste, CycleSafe’s Fiberglass SMC is as light as plastic yet as structurally rigid as metal.

This is achieved by reinforcing the material at numerous points of the manufacturing process. The SMC is compaction rolled, cured at specified temperatures, and once pressed it gains numerous ribs and bosses.

Our bike lockers are the lowest-maintenance lockers on the market. A quarterly sweep out and annual power wash is recommended to keep the general appearance of the lockers top notch.

The five main components of the ProPark locker integrate together which allow inexpensive, quick, and easy repairs if one part is ever damaged. Fiberglass SMC produces a virtually indestructible product whose life span is measured in decades, not years.

Main Benefits:

  • Heat, UV, and corrosion resistant
  • Self extinguishing in event of a fire
  • Graffiti resistant
  • Allows for less hardware as many features are molded into each part
  • Parts are identical
  • The process is automated, eradicating any human error that could create voids or weak points

Often mistaken for a metal enclosure, our uniquely-designed bike locker panels consolidate complex parts, reduce weight and eliminate secondary operations allowing us to give you unparalleled value at the lowest life cycle cost.

For more information; read our in-depth material analysis.

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