To 2020

2020 was the year bikes became mainstream again

As we welcome 2021 with WIDE open arms, we wanted to reflect on some of our silver linings.

2020 was the year bikes became mainstream again. They offered individuals a way to escape the four walls of their homes and enjoy life on a smaller scale. With travel restricted and many vacations canceled, people used bikes as a means to fulfill their sense of adventure. Wait times for bikes extended anywhere from 6-12 months*, and municipalities, as well as residential entities, saw demands for bicycle security infrastructure skyrocket.

We are leaving 2020 feeling humbled and with a renewed sense of passion for the industry. CycleSafe was a product of the energy crisis of the 70s so we entered this public health crisis prepared to face new challenges. We look forward to continuing to push for the needs of cyclists and providing peace of mind in an ever-challenging world.

Here’s a very special thank you to these partners that helped us stay cutting edge:

* Tyler @ Grand Rapids Bicycle Company, Ada Village MI