Michigan Hospital Leads Healthcare Facility Design

CycleSafe had the opportunity to partner with a Michigan hospital that has been paving the way for hospital planning with its state-of-the-art facilities. This award winning hospital has been recognized as a groundbreaking healthcare facility that redefines how we understand what a hospital or clinic could be while enhancing its services to a community. Our partner has been recognized as a best-practice site for future hospital design by fostering healthy patient and employee experiences by introducing innovation and leading edge care concepts. The intent of this reformation in community philosophy was to reflect an urban environment while also integrating healthy living and sustainable principles.

Improving health and fitness by biking to work

Incorporating bike parking facilities into this plan was of high value for both employees and community members as our partner’s reputation focuses on first class facilities. As trailblazers for the future, the hospital recognizes cycling as a means of reducing environmental impact while promoting healthy lifestyles in the people it serves.

The focus of this project was to be more of a cultural transformation. The goal was to create a culture which recognizes the importance secure bike parking. Numerous studies have proven businesses that encourage staff to cycle to work benefit from increased productivity as a result of improved fitness and mental health. Exercise raises an employee’s productivity by an average of 15% and cycling reduces health care costs; as cyclists on average live two years longer than non-cyclists and take 15% fewer days off work due to illness.

Small cities are anticipating record growth in the next few years, and this Michigan hospital wanted to ensure that this new facility would be relevant to future urban goals. Adding bike lanes, paths and secure bike parking is the kind of forward thinking that has put our partner on the forefront of facility design.

With bike racks purchased through their community investment fund, our partner is hoping to encourage cycling throughout their city as a means of promoting a community-wide healthy living lifestyle. This bike parking planning stems from wanting to extend the care for their populace outside the walls of their hospital and into the everyday lives of the people it serves.

CycleSafe U Bike Rack

This care for their community reaches further than just their immediate backyard. When selecting bike parking products, CycleSafe was chosen because we are a local manufacturer with products sourced and produced in West Michigan. Supporting local businesses has been a commitment of CycleSafe since its inception, almost 40 years ago.

This Michigan hospital has installed CycleSafe bike lockers at two different locations on their campus, as well as an indoor bike room with CycleSafe WallRacks and CycleSafe inverted U-Racks located downtown for public use. Bike lockers are in high demand with a waiting list usually containing anywhere from 5-10 employees. One employee has been using a bike locker for four years and in that time has logged at least 12,000 miles by bike commute. These cyclists appreciate the ability to be confident their bike is safe during their work day and will be waiting for them once the day is over. CycleSafe bike lockers also have storage bins to secure cyclists gear such as helmets, shoes, etc.

Our partner has also been given the qualification of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) — the first certified healthcare facility in their area. Over the past decade, they have shown commitment by creating facilities that are sustainable, both in building materials and resource efficiency, as well as promoting sustainability and health as a standard in the surrounding community. By implementing CycleSafe’s products, our partner was able to capture more valuable points toward their LEED certification. There was a demand for bicycle parking, and they wanted to support and encourage employees to cycle by offering high profile and multiple secure parking options. This hospital has implemented a bike to work program offering cash incentives for alternative transportation miles by employees, some users earning as much as $30-$40 a month which benefits the organizations health and wellness plan. Setting precedents toward sustainability facilities and healthy environments, this facility is ahead of the healthy mobility management while enhancing the community it serves.

Project in Brief

Hospital Facility Design

Location: Michigan
Total Bikes Parked: 60
Bike Lockers: 10
Bike Racks: 10
Wall Racks: 20

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