Digital Access Lockers: AK Bikebox Pilot Program

AK Bikebox is teaming up with CycleSafe to provide digital access bike lockers with a simple start-up business pilot program. Our on-demand lockers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are able to be managed remotely. AK Bikebox owners saw an entrepreneurship opportunity by utilizing our lockers; with full-time jobs they can still manage and maintain bike lockers remotely. This business model also encourages active transportation by supplying a secure bike parking option to the downtown area for cyclists.

Digital Access Lockers: AK Bikebox Pilot Program

AK Bikebox purchased CycleSafe lockers to provide secure bike storage to the public on an on-demand basis for hourly rental. In the future, they plan to offer a membership program to guarantee a bike parking space. Owners, Justin & Katie Bledsoe, recognized the huge problem of bike theft in Alaska and decided to take action. The goal was to promote cycling while eliminating the fear of theft. Beginning in Anchorage, the couple has plans to bring the on-demand bike lockers to other cities in the state as well. Fat tire bikes are popular year-round in Alaska and pricey compared to the average bicycle. CycleSafe bike lockers provide peace of mind for the cyclist, with the added benefits of full weather protection and built in storage bins for gear.

CycleSafe Bike Lockers

  • CycleSafe Lockers are made out of Fiberglass SMC; the most weather resistant material available that also requires minimal maintenance.
  • CycleSafe bike lockers can be permanently anchored, and the patented design is impenetrable to pry bars while keeping out rain, wind, snow, and fire.
  • These lockers are compression molded with modern structural-grade composite materials that are non-corrosive, rust-free, impact-resistant, and finished with a graffiti/UV resistant two-step polyurethane enamel coating.
  • Our Buy America certified products are built to withstand cold weather with battery-operated, ANSI grade 1 locks that work well below 0° Fahrenheit. AK Bikebox’s lockers were installed in 2° weather!

ProPark Series

  • Combines versatility, durability and low maintenance with a proven 40+ year life cycle. The ProPark bicycle lockers are the best lifetime value for secure bicycle parking.
  • Lockers come standard with a door on either side and a center partition, allowing each locker to individually secure two bikes.
  • The ProPark offers a wide range of models and options for access, security, and capacity to meet any site requirements.
  • ProPark Bike Lockers are specified as standalone starter units, or extended into locker banks with adder units of two, three, four — even twenty lockers.

Digital Access

Our Digital Access Bluetooth Locks are the power behind the system. Customers use the Movatic App to rent, open, and close the bike locker. Instead of a mobile app to park your car, you are getting 360° protection for your bike at the palm of your hand. Digital Access Bike Lockers are able to be managed offsite, at any moment by the system administrators. This means you will know who is using the system, when, and how long. There is automated registration, billing, and reservation – with real-time reporting.

The app can be customized to match entities’ branding materials. Promotions can also be run by coupon codes, and memberships can be provided for long or short term on-demand parking. This new management option allows anyone to purchase lockers, create a business while curating a bike-friendly culture for the community. This next generation of bike locker management alleviates the pains of key management, cash deposits, and logging of rentals – the app manages it all.

Environmental Importance

  • Riding a bike does not emit any greenhouse gases – lowers pollution.
  • Fiberglass has a significantly lower environmental impact than products
    made of other materials such as steel or plastic.
  • An increase in bike transportation will reduce the need for large parking
    lots and allow for spaces to maximize efficiency.
  • Maintaining a bike is significantly cheaper than a car, and causes much less wear and tear to roads.

Project in Brief

Bike locker management software creates business opportunity

Location: Alaska

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