Modular Bike Shelter

The CycleSafe CyclePort Bike Shelter is a modular system that is expandable to provide on-demand covered bicycle parking for your unique needs.
Bike Shelter with U-Racks

Top Panels

A single CyclePort Bike Shelter can have two top panels for storing 4 bikes, or three top panels for storing 6 bikes.

Whether starting with a 4-bike or 6-bike shelter, a single shelter is just the beginning. The interlocking top panels of the CyclePort Bike Shelter enable the shelters to be expanded, creating rows of space-efficient covered bike parking.
Modular Bike Shelter Top Panels

Bike Shelter Starter Unit

The first shelter to begin a row is called the Starter Unit. The Starter Unit has four legs made of heavy-gauge steel tubing protected with a polyester powder-coat finish.
Modular Bike Shelter Starter Unit

Bike Shelter Adder Unit

Because the CyclePort Bike Shelter is a modular system, units can be interlocked, side-by-side. To create a row of shelters, you’ll need to connect an Adder Unit to the Starter Unit. An Adder Unit has 2 fewer support legs, and interlocks with the Starter Unit to form one integral structure. Adder Units cost less because they have fewer legs.
Modular Bike Shelter Adder Unit

Expandable Bike Shelter Row

Each bike shelter top panel can cover 2 bikes with Classic Bike U Racks, so two top panels store 4 bikes. What if you want covered bike parking for 12 bikes? Simple – you start with a 6-bike Starter Unit, and then add a 6-bike Adder Unit for a row of space-efficient bike parking.

Expandable Bike Shelter Row

Side Panels

Side panels for the CyclePort Bike Shelter are also modular. Each shelter can have 1, 2, or 3 side panels. Side panels provide additional bike protection, and opportunities for promotional graphics or transit communication. Side panels can be specified with polycarbonate, solid steel or ABS.

Modular Bike Shelter Side Panels

Bike Racks

Bicycle racks well suited for a modular bike shelter include the Classic Bike U Rack, the decorative Vintage Bike Rack, the vertical WallRack Frame, or double your bike parking in the same footprint with the two-tier Hi-Density Bike Rack.
CyclePort Bike Shelter with Hi-Density Bike Racks. Bike Parking Capacity: 8 Bikes.

Bike Station

Modular bicycle shelters can also be combined with modular bike lockers to create Bike Stations to meet long-term and short-term parking needs for the dedicated cycle commuter or the on-demand user.
Modular Bike Station

Advantages of Modular CycleSafe Bike Shelters

  • Can be customized to any bike parking capacity to fit specific needs or space requirements.
  • Can be reconfigured, expanded or relocated as needs change.
  • Are more space efficient installed in a continuous row because they share common support legs.
  • CycleSafe interlocking panels create one continuous row of bike shelters, without gaps, making aesthetic uniform site lines unlike other shelters in the market.
  • Allows individual components to be repaired or replaced without having to pay for a whole new shelter if severe damage occurs.
  • Compression-molded top contoured for runoff.
  • Side panels can be specified with plexiglass, wire mesh, or perforated metal for additional protection from the elements.
  • Side panels offer opportunities for advertising or transit communication.
  • Modular bike shelters can be combined with bike lockers for short- and long-term bicycle parking.

Modular Bike Shelter Photo Gallery