Modular Bike Locker

CycleSafe’s ProPark Bike Lockers are modular and expandable to provide secure bike parking solutions for your unique needs.

The ProPark bike locker comes standard with a door on each side and an internal diagonal partition, creating two triangle-shaped compartments for securely storing two bicycles individually.

Modular Bike Locker

A single bike locker is just the beginning. Bike locker space requirements can be reduced by installing modular lockers side by side so they share common dividers, creating rows of space-efficient bike parking.

Bike Locker Starter Unit

The first locker to begin a row is called the Starter unit, which can have 1 or 2 doors along with 2 end panels.

Modular Bike Locker, Starter Unit

Bike Locker Adder Unit

Because the CycleSafe Bike Locker is a modular system, units can be interlocked, side-by-side. To create a row of lockers, you’ll need to connect an Adder unit to the Starter unit. An Adder unit interlocks with the Starter unit to form one integral structure. Adder units cost less because they have one less end panel. An Adder unit has an internal side panel to separate the locker from the Starter unit, and includes the original internal diagonal divider. An end panel from the Starter unit is placed on the end of the Adder unit, creating a two-locker bank.

Modular Bike Locker, Adder Unit

Expandable Bike Locker Bank

A two-unit bike locker bank stores 4 bikes. What if you want the capacity to securely park 10 bikes? Simple – you start with a Starter unit, and then add four Adder units. The last Adder uses the Starter unit’s end panel to end the locker bank.

Expandable Bike Locker Bank

What is a locker bank? A locker bank has two end panels and internal side panels between each locker unit. All lockers still contain the original internal diagonal divider that allow 2 bikes to be securely individually stored.

Modular Double-Tier Bike Lockers

Is overall footprint a concern? To make your secure bike storage even more space efficient, CycleSafe can create an upper tier of additional parking with Double-Tier Bike Lockers. A row of 5 bike lockers parks 10 bikes, but make them Double-Tier, and now you can park 20 bikes without requiring additional floor space.

Modular Bike Lockers, Stackable

Advantages of Modular CycleSafe Bike Lockers

  • Can be customized to any bike parking capacity to fit specific needs or space requirements.
  • Can be reconfigured, expanded or relocated as needs change.
  • Are more space efficient installed in a continuous row because they share common dividers and are not individually placed next to each other. Placing individual bike lockers next to each other is a method used by many competitors, which adds more material cost for you and more maintenance issues after purchase as space between lockers collects debris.
  • CycleSafe interlocking panels create one continuous row of lockers, without gaps, making aesthetic uniform site lines unlike other lockers in the market.
  • The CycleSafe patented interlocking design incorporates structural features that make it secure against pry bars, knives, weather, and fire – problems that often plague other bike storage products.
  • Allows individual components to be repaired or replaced without having to pay for a whole new locker if severe damage occurs.
  • Can be stacked to double the number of bicycles parked per square foot.

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