Build it and they will come … but how can you be sure?

Bike Locker Planning

Plan, spread the word and incentivize.


Proper planning for your bike parking project is essential to its success. When it comes to class one bike parking, or long term storage (8+ hours), physical security is emphasized above public visibility. A good installation site would have lighting and proper aisle access considered. If a stairwell would be used for access to the location, a bike stair ramp would be appropriate. For a planning guide, check out our complete manual on bike parking dimensions.

Spread the word

Raise awareness about your project by letting your user base know the bike lockers are available to rent. Wayfinding on maps and advertisement panels on the end caps of lockers will make your installation stand out. Reach out to local bicycle advocacy groups and local blogs, (sustainability, travel, adventure/sports) to feature your project. Remember, photos are worth a thousand words!

Incentivize/Remove Barriers

Beyond placement barriers, barriers to usability should be considered as well. Our Bluetooth Cellular Access Bike Locker allows on-demand access whereas our standard t-handle keyed locks require key management. Charging for locker use is also something to be considered and the cost for car parking is a great point of reference. If possible, incentivizing the use of the lockers, such as a promotional deal or membership discounts are also appreciated by users. Many federal and state programs are available to enterprises to encourage alternative transportation to and from work.

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