Boosting Trail Usage with CycleSafe Bike Racks and Lockers

Across the country, states, municipalities and trail groups are working hard to create a system of interconnected recreational trails with converted railways, bike lanes and paved paths creating an ecological and economical transportation network as well as recreation. Promoting trail use encourages more bicycle commuting and reduces pollution and traffic congestion. Bike racks and lockers have become an important component of many trail projects to support their use.

Trails by housing developments offer bike routes to eliminate short car trips and provide safe, defined trails as an inexpensive mode of travel. Less car trips mean reduced emissions, better air quality and healthier communities. The close proximity of trails helps raise property values as trails provide amenities to promote recreation and active transportation. Bike commuters can use the trails to cycle to a network of commuter trains and bus lines.

Boosting Trail Usage with CycleSafe Bike Racks and LockersCycleSafe U/Racks, which can be found near recreational trails across the country, are known for their durability and low maintenance. U/Racks are the recommended style of bike rack by the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals, and are preferred by cyclists for ease of locking and bike stability. The rubberized durable finish won’t rust, chip or fade and is so thick that it protects the bike frame from scratching. CycleSafe also offers this classic style in a series of aesthetically pleasing Vintage Racks, which combine the charm of traditional designs to enhance community image. CycleSafe can modify its bike racks to include a trail logo to help with wayfinding and to promote trail use. Foundations and sponsors around the country like to donate money for the purchase of racks that are imprinted with donor names.

CycleSafe bicycle lockers offer full weather protection and security for bike commuters or extended parking to promote participation in retail areas or recreation facilities. CycleSafe lockers can be rented on demand with mobile phone access to accommodate numerous users. Promotional panels can display wayfinding information on trails, or advertise local retail and recreational facilities.

Indianapolis Bicycling Hub

The 270-acre White River State Park is not just a park but a premier destination for Indianapolis area residents and visitors. The park, in a former industrial wasteland, is now home to cultural, educational and recreational attractions including the Indianapolis Zoo, White River Gardens, Indiana State Museum, Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art and the NCAA Hall of Champions.

CycleSafe bicycle lockers and racks are part of the efforts at White River to encourage visitors to ride to the park and all of its attractions by bike. Park officials worked in conjunction with the National Institute for Fitness and Sports that offers workout facilities and showers in the city of Indianapolis. A number of CycleSafe bike lockers and inverted U-racks were installed at the southeast end of Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis campus along the White River Trail that is currently about 15 miles. Numerous bicycle racks are also in place at all the venues within the state park.

White River State Park Executive Director Robert Whitt said White River State Park is kind of a crossroads where many bike trails converge. “We decided to become more or less a hub for bicycling in Indianapolis,” Whitt said. Reaction to Indianapolis’ IN BikePort that includes enclosed storage with racks and lockers to encourage bike commuting has been very positive, according to Whitt.

“We’re trying to get as many lockers and racks in place as possible,” he said. The White River State Park is one of six cultural districts that will become part of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. Whitt said more CycleSafe bike racks and lockers will be installed as demand increases. Park staff has been very pleased with the racks and lockers. “There’s been zero maintenance. We have not had any issues with maintenance and there haves been no thefts,” Whitt said. “They’ve been pretty worry free from our standpoint.”

National Park Service

Boosting Trail Usage with CycleSafe Bike Racks and LockersCycleSafe racks and have become an important component for the National Park Service in Washington, D.C. that includes hundreds of miles of scenic bike trails. NPS officials are trying to encourage bicycle transportation throughout the D.C. area on trails and bike lanes. Nearly 2,000 CycleSafe racks are in place around the nation’s capital between the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, the District of D.C. and the National Park Service.

The racks also help to protect park resources by discouraging bike parking by young trees that are easily damaged or destroyed and protect paint from chipping off from light fixtures or signage posts.

Regular purchases of the racks have taken place in the last five years. National Park Service officials tested the CycleSafe racks for durability by dragging a rack behind a vehicle around a parking lot and the finish survived the test!


Bike lockers are added every year in Albuquerque, N.M, a bicycle friendly city that includes the 16-mile paved Paseo del Bosque Trail through the Rio Grand Valley State Park. City officials aim to provide secure bicycle parking to encourage commuting on its extensive bikeway system. Major employers have taken advantage of the bike locker program including Intel, Honeywell and the University of New Mexico. The city has installed more than 300 bicycle lockers at 23 locations in the metro area.

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