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Bike Shelters

Engineered with field-tested materials that have built CycleSafe’s reputation for quality bike storage lockers and racks, CycleSafe bike shelters combine with our bicycle racks to meet the needs of on-demand, Class 2 mid-level bicycle security with covered protection from the elements.

This flexible series creates an opportunity to design a system to meet covered bike parking capacity and site requirements ranging from four to ten bikes per unit. Choose from Hi-Density bicycle racks, space saving wall rack frame, or standard inverted U bike racks or staple racks. Our commercial bike shelters can be combined with CycleSafe Double-Tier bike lockers to meet the long- term needs of cycle commuters and on-demand use to create a cycle station.

Side panels provide additional protection or opportunities for promotional graphics or transit communication. Specify plexiglass, wire mesh, or perforated metal panels with our standard taupe powder coat frame with a sandstone compression-molded top. Custom colors are available to match local architectural features.

CyclePort series is available in two or three top units that can be configured in a row or back to back. Compact shelters are best suited for areas that have limited pedestrian access. Pocket shelters offer a lower profile with a reduced footprint for Staple Racks or U/2 Racks only.

CyclePort Bike ShelterCyclePort Bike Shelter

Expandable Shelter

  • Features 2-3 top units
  • Available w/ Staple Racks (2), Vertical WallRacks (4), or Hi-Density Racks (8)
  • Optional side panels – wire mesh, polycarbonate, or perforated/metal
  • 2-3 top adder shelter for expandability
  • Optional leg styles – surface mount, adjustable surface mount, and radial mount. Adjustable surface mount not a stocked item, longer lead times apply.
  • Total recycled content

Compact Bike ShelterCompact Bike Shelter

Narrow Foot Print

  • Similar design of CyclePort                                with narrow footprint
  • Specify side panels to
    accommodate Vertical
  • Ideal for pedestrian walkways near building entrance
  • Total recycled content

Pocket Bike ShelterPocket Bike Shelter

Reduced Foot Print

  • Mini version of the Compact Shelter
  • Low-profile protection
  • Suitable for Staple Racks or U/2 Racks
  • Total recycled content
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