CycleSafe Electronic Access Bike Lockers + Park-by-Phone Technology part of Greening of Indianapolis

The industry leader in bike parking and bike parking security, CycleSafe, recently completed the final pieces for the installation of on-demand bike lockers in Indianapolis, Indiana. The CycleSafe electronic access bike lockers and new Park-by-Phone technology are key components of a massive effort to promote bicycling throughout the city. The installation debuted at Indianapolis’ Bike to Work Day on May 18, 2007 and was covered by Inside Indiana Business.

BikePort IndianaThis on-demand bicycle parking solution is part of a concentrated effort to increase bike lanes, bike paths, and the economic development and appeal of the city as an active, healthy community. With help from the State, Indianapolis is adding bike lanes in two heavily traveled downtown areas, furthering the efforts to make it safe and conducive for people to take advantage of the new bicycle parking options. These efforts were in conjunction with INBikePort, a non-profit organization founded by Randall Clark, owner of Bicycle Garage shops around Indy, and federal transportation enhancement grants. The city was able to obtain the CycleSafe lockers and implement showers and changing facilities at five locations, with parking for 46 bicycles utilizing the revolutionary keyless technology.

All cyclists need is to register online once through, and as long as they have a cell phone, they can access any unoccupied locker upon arrival. They can also check for availability of a locker before leaving through the web site and see which ones are occupied.

The new facilities make it easier for cyclists to commute to work, help lower carbon emissions, and go a long way toward promoting healthier, greener lifestyles. CycleSafe President Richard Hartger said “in this increasingly digital and wireless age, parking and facility managers can take advantage of this park-by-phone technology to reduce operations, maintenance, and enforcement costs as well as make it easier and more convenient for cyclists.” This system provides convenience and security for the user and the city. Users do not need swipe cards to access a locker and locker owners are able to identify users.

CycleSafe has been a leader in bicycle parking solutions for the past four decades and offers bicycle parking products with the longest life-cycle and most flexibility of any commuter bicycle storage system on the market. Currently there are more than 25,000 durable, maintenance-free CycleSafe lockers installed around the country and the world. The company’s durable, high-quality, modular bike lockers are available with many options such as way-finding or promotional panels on storage bins for cyclists’ gear.