Durst Organization Supports Eco-Friendly Solutions at One World Trade Center

According to the Department of City Planning, New York City’s population is expected to exceed nine million in 2030 and “the City must look to solutions that will more effectively and efficiently use its resources, while minimizing carbon emissions and other adverse effects on the environment.” The New York City Mayor’s PlaNYC 2030 proposal focuses on environmental responsibility and quality of life concerns, which includes encouraging bicycle use and providing safe and secure bicycle parking throughout the city.

One World Trade Center

The Durst Organization, a leading property management company based in New York City, has long been focused on offering properties that are environmentally conscious. The organization is also very familiar with what it takes to develop a competitive property in such a large realty market.

While the One World Trade Center was being developed, it was realized that no parking would be available site wide. With New York City being home to many bicycle riders, Durst identified that offering secure bicycle parking would be optimal. This option would not only solidify their commitment to the environment, by encouraging cycling to work, but also provide building tenants an additional amenity they may not find at other buildings in the area.

Given the sensitive nature of the location, security is of the utmost importance. Durst was looking to identify a parking solution that not only fit the security requirements of One World Trade Center, but also a product that would give them the most storage possible with the option to expand.

While doing research, it was determined that bicycle racks or rooms would not suffice for the location, as the security level was inadequate, and that bike lockers offered a better solution.

CycleSafe’s premium bike lockers, which have a keypad lock and host two bicycles each, were the only lockers that met all of the security requirements provided and later became the final partner choice for this project.

Working closely with CycleSafe, Durst was able to develop customized lockers for the campus that met all security requirements. Each locker features a plexiglass door on the front so that security is able to view the interior of the lockers at all times, making regular security checks accurate and efficient.

In 2015, a total of 24 lockers were installed at One World Trade Center. The organization’s dedication to delivering an exceptional building with specialized amenities, such as the bike lockers, has proven successful with its roster of high profile tenants, such Condé Nast, a premier media company renowned for producing the highest quality content for the world’s most influential audiences.

“We have received wonderful feedback from our tenants that are utilizing the lockers,” said Tom Butler, One World Trade property manager for The Durst Organization. “Tenants appreciate that they’re able to store their bicycles, equipment, and other riding-related items without the fear of theft.”

Of the 24 lockers currently offered at One World Trade Center, all are spoken for and being utilized. In the future, Durst plans to relocate the lockers to an-other space on campus, which will allow the addition of a backdoor on each locker, doubling their accommodations to 48 bikes.

Project in Brief

Location: New York City

Product: Cycle-Safe® ProPark® Bike Lockers

Color of Lockers: Standard

Reasons for Specification:

  • More efficient use of space,
  • Environmental Responsibility and
  • Encourage Bicycle Commuting

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