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Bicycle Locker Options

Accessory Options

CycleSafe offers special bicycle locker options to meet the needs of the cyclist’s management concerns and promotional opportunities.

Door Check

Bike Locker Options: Door CheckThe Door Check hold-back kit allows the door to remain open to allow easy access to the locker.

Display Panel

Bike Locker Options: Display PanelThe Display Panel is a Poster Grip snap-in aluminum frame for displaying ads, maps, and promotions on the end panels. The panels are available in 24” high x 60” wide (#19901, ProPark and EcoPark) and 44” high x 72” wide (#19905, ProPark only).

Storage Bin

Bike Locker Options: Storage BinThe door-mounted Storage Bin is for cyclist’s gear, helmet, shoes, coat, etc. Not available on the Door-View, View-Thru or Double-Tier locker models.

Weather Shield

Bike Locker Options: Weather ShieldThe Weather Shield allows protection of the T-Handle Door Lock from freezing when moisture accumulates.

Power Station

Bike Locker Options: Power StationThe Power Station is a 2-plug GFI outlet for charging electric-assist bikes and other accessories. Available on ProPark only. Not a stocked item, longer lead times apply.

Floor Panel

Bike Locker Options: Floor PanelThe Floor Panel is an attached plastic mounted base that requires cleaning. EcoPark model only. Not a stocked item for adder units, longer lead times apply.

Coat Hooks

Bike Locker Options: Coat HooksThe Coat Hooks option is two double-hooks mounted on the interior partition of the locker. Included as standard on ProPark series.

Bicycle Parking Label

Bicycle Parking StickerReflective bike parking label, 2 3/8″ high x 4 3/4″ wide. Two labels sent with every bike locker model. For additional labels, please contact CycleSafe.

Bike Locker User Responsibility Label

Bike Locker User Responsibility LabelLocker label for user door responsibility. 2 3/8″ high x 4 3/4″ wide. Text reads “Locker user is responsible for keeping the locker door closed and locked at all times.”

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