Bike WallRacks at Wesleyan University

Prior to this academic year, Wesleyan University often had more students enrolled than on-campus housing could accommodate. In an effort to remedy this situation, the University implemented a master plan initiative in 2004 which included additional housing to encourage students to live on site. The new Fauver Halls, named for their location on the University’s historic Fauver Field, now provide on-campus housing for an additional 270 students.

Bike Room with Bike Wall Racks at Wesleyan University

In addition to allowing Wesleyan to house nearly 100 percent of its student body on campus, the new residence halls relieve the pressure on local neighborhoods to provide safe, affordable housing and parking. They also play a key role in the University’s ability to offer an enhanced living environment for current students and attract prospective students.

Wesleyan’s administration understood that along with providing additional living space, it was important to include amenities consistent with the value systems of today’s students. That’s why each new facility was specifically designed to encourage environmentally-friendly bicycle transportation, including incorporating forty-five CycleSafe WallRacks™ for bicycle storage at each facility. The WallRacks are innovatively-designed, vertical bike racks, providing peace of mind for the many students who rely on bicycles for transportation around campus and the community. Cycling eases the strain on our environment, promotes good health and contributes to the vitality of a community. The vertical storage system is space efficient, parking the bike against the wall which opens up floor space while allowing easy accessibility. CycleSafe WallRacks are located in a designated room within each of the halls, providing complete protection from exposure to inclement weather.

The WallRack design offers a much higher level of security than hook racks which are awkward to use. The WallRack features tamper resistant components, allowing the use of a cyclists “D” lock so users can secure the bike frame and wheel to the rack. The inside location of the WallRack requires users to access bikes through a keyed room entry system, thus contributing to the overall security of bikes stored. Students can be confident that their bike will be there when then need it, encouraging cycle use.

The University has already received a very positive response on the CycleSafe WallRacks from its students. According to Robert Schmidt, a Project Manager with Program Management Group (PMG), the organization that manages multiple capital projects at Wesleyan University, the racks are “heavily used, and more than 50 percent of the racks are already occupied.”

Schmidt also noted that one of the primary reasons that the CycleSafe WallRacks were selected for the project is the product’s space saving design.

“The wall hung option was the best option for our new buildings,” Schmidt said. “This design keeps our floor area open, makes it easy to clean, and allows for a more efficient use of space. The space was specifically designed around the CycleSafe WallRacks.”

While the racks are available in many different models with varying capacities, the vertically arranged WallRacks as employed by Wesleyan can double bike parking capacity. The space-saving characteristics increased on site security and the reassurance that the WallRacks offer residents, were the primary drivers in the University’s commitment to installation of racks and other secure bike parking options.

“We include indoor bike storage in all of our new large residential housing facilities,” said Schmidt. “Indoor bike storage has become a standard for the students.”

Project in Brief

Location: Wesleyan University’s New Fauver Field Residences. Middletown, Connecticut

Product: 90 Cycle-Safe WallRacks

Color of WallRacks:: Wesleyan Red and Black

Reasons for Specification:

  • More efficient use of space
  • Contribution to LEED certification
  • Encourage alternative transportation

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