Grand Rapids Installs CycleSafe Bicycle Corrals: A New Concept in Bicycle Parking

CycleSafe is pleased to announce that the Grand Rapids Downtown Development Authority has installed 8 CycleSafe bicycle corrals and 90 bicycle racks to improve bicycle parking along its bike paths in downtown Grand Rapids.

“It is the DDA’s belief that these new facilities would help to promote cycling as an alternative mode of transportation and attract cyclists to the downtown area,” DDA planner Eric Pratt writes in a memo to the city’s Parking Commission.

The City of Grand Rapid offers a map giving the locations of bicycle paths, bicycle parking as well as bike shops in the downtown area:

Bike Corral in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Bicycle Corrals

A new concept for bicycle parking, eight bike corrals have been installed along various business districts downtown. This concept has proven to increase business activities in municipalities in Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois; as well as many cities in California. A bike corral transforms a standard parking lane or sidewalk area into bike parking for 4-8 bikes per five-foot section. Bikes can be placed at 45º angles to increase pathways between pedestrian or traffic lanes. Bicycle corrals allow for a more efficient use of space than other forms of bicycle parking to encourage traffic and economic activity for local businesses.

Bicycle Racks

Inverted U Bike Racks are the standard in inverted U bike racks, and are recommended by the Association of Pedestrian and Bicyclists Professionals (APBP) and meet government standards for Class II short-term bicycle parking.

CycleSafe’s inverted U bike racks accommodate two bicycles per rack providing full security of both the wheel and frame. This increased stability helps prevent colliding bikes and is safer for pedestrian traffic aisles. This efficient design results in more bikes being parked in less space than “wave type” racks while maintaining the bike in a uniform, sturdy position.


CycleSafe Bike Racks and Corrals are made with durable, maintenance-free coatings, available in a thick polymer rubberized coating or TGIC polyester powdercoat, custom colors upon request. They are designed for uniform bike stability and are built to park more bikes per square foot. CycleSafe products are manufactured in West Michigan with materials from the Great Lakes region.