Innovative New Product Award

In 1982 CycleSafe won an award recognizing Innovation in New Product Design from The Society of the Plastics Industry. The SPI award was for the innovative construction of our reinforced plastics composite modular bicycle storage lockers that have significance in design, materials, processes, or market potential.

Bike Locker Design Award

A wide range of products showcasing the latest in design technology were honored at the 37th annual conference in Washington, D.C. including the New Product Design Competition for Plastics Parts Innovation. The CycleSafe honor was the highest national award in the SPI’s Construction category for the year. The innovative construction of our bike lockers was recognized by the SPI which is the 3rd largest U.S. manufacturing industry, with expertise in making all-composite fiberglass products.

Decades later, CycleSafe is still innovating with new bike storage products, and continuing to test and improve our award-winning bicycle locker.

Two Wheel Shelter and Security

Bicycles, pedelecs, and scooters can have the same security and protection as a garaged car thanks to the design capability and physical properties of reinforced plastics/composites. Molded from high strength sheet molding compound, this modular bike storage locker is built to vault-like specifications.

Space efficient and extremely durable, these bike lockers are designed in RP/C for strength, security, weather and vandal resistance by a combination of good integral ribbing design and proper material selection.

Leading from strength, CycleSafe’s compression-molded fiberglass-reinforced plastic produces a product whose lifespan is measured in decades, not years. Most of our first lockers installed in the early 80’s are still in use today, proving the construction design of our bicycle storage lockers has endured the test of time.